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Breast cancer is the number one cause of death among women worldwide! Almost 40,000 women will die from breast cancer this year in the United States alone. These are chilling statistics that hit too close to home for most of us. I know we are aware of this disease and the importance of preventive action because most likely we know someone that has been affected by it right? After speaking with friends and family I don’t feel confident that everyone is taking the time to do self-exams and see their doctor annually. Again, 1 out of every 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime and if caught early enough 98% of those diagnoses are treatable. Early detection is imperative! Monthly self-exams are a great way to notice any changes in your tissue that should be reported to your doctor immediately. Although it is 100 hundred times more likely for a woman to get the disease than a man, scientists estimate that 400 men die from breast cancer yearly. Medicine has come very far, but even today doctor’s still don’t know why one woman develops breast cancer and another doesn’t. All women are at risk and it is vital that you are able to differentiate between the many myths and facts. Be sure to educate yourself and have conversations about what you’ve learned with others to generate awareness.

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month DermStore.com, blush.com and HairEnvy.com are creating a special Breast Cancer Awareness boutique that will be a new tabbed page on the sites and will host special Breast Cancer Awareness products. The boutique will be a way to feature brands that are taking their own initiative to help the cause. All the products sold in the boutique will contribute a portion of their proceeds to various breast cancer charities. In addition to the donations made from the individual brands, DermStore.com will donate 5% of the proceeds from each unit sold in the boutique to CEW Foundation’s Cancer and Careers program.

Here are other ways to support the cause:

–          Sign up to participate in a race for the cure

–          Make a donation

–          Volunteer at an event


We appreciate your support and send our thoughts and prayers to those who are surviving, battling and have passed away from breast cancer.

Until next time,

Grazie Belle Donne!

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