Don’t Let a Scar Hold Back Your Confidence

Liesl uses Dermaflage to conceal her acne scars. See how Dermaflage acts like skin? It’s absolutely amazing to see the transformation.

Scars are constant reminders of our past whether it was caused by acne, an accident, or surgery. Not to mention the fact that there are so many products at shelf that claim to minimize or conceal your scar. Trust me, I’ve tried them all!

Some time ago I met Matt Singer, who was a Hollywood special effects artist. He shared with me a product he created to topically fill scars using silicone. Of course, I was intrigued because there was nothing like it on the market. I was curious to know how the silicone would blend with a person’s skin. I should have known he had invented tones that would match anyone’s skin tone. I had to give this guy some credit because of this impressive Hollywood background. He served as a consulting producer for the SyFy series Face Off. Not to mention the fact that he worked on numerous Academy-winning films like Bicentennial Man and Along Came a Spider.

I was officially hooked to Matt’s invention because there are so many people out there like myself who really need a scar solution without going “under the knife.” Dermaflage topical filler offers an easy way to hide your scars. In one minute and three simple steps you will have flawless-looking skin. It’s time you reveal your hidden beauty.

Dermaflage comes in 11 different tones, so finding a true match is easy. Also, Dermaflage is available in two kits- acne or scar. By selecting whether your scar(s) was caused by acne will help determine what tools you will need to be successful. Our support team is available for any questions or concerns at

About the author:

Jocelyn Atkinson is chief marketing officer of Dermaflage. Jocelyn has spent her career learning about what consumers want in a company. At Dermaflage, Jocelyn wants every customer to feel confident again. She believes that Dermaflage is the answer.

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  1. Sandy Kaiser

    I had the flu a few weeks ago and fainted as I was going to the bathroom hitting my forehead on a bench leg and it left me with nine stitches between my eye brows it looks terrible and I would appreciate any help with this. It is very noticeable and embarassing please help

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