Don’t Put the Sunscreen Away!

BY Jessika · December 9, 2011

photo credit: Christian Isles

Just because you don’t feel the heat, it does not mean you won’t get burnt. You may have already put away your bathing suit, summer dresses, short skirts, and flip-flops; however, make sure your sunscreen remains part of your skin care regimen. Our beloved sun will never leave us alone, and even though it isn’t hot outside, it does not mean that it will not cause us any harm.

During the summer the UVB rays are the primarily responsible for sunburn and skin cancer. Even though the UVB rays (think of “B” for burning) are not as strong during the winter months, UVA rays remain constant all year around and don’t forget that unprotected sun exposure can cause cancer and the skin to age a lot faster. UVA rays account for 95% of the earth’s radiation; thus these rays penetrate deeper into your skin. Not only causes photo aging, but also cellular DNA damage, and the development of skin cancer.

Dr. Oz suggests applying SPF 30 if you are planning on doing or practicing any sports that require you to be on top of a mountain. Even though the sun’s rays are not as strong during winter, they reflect on the snow, causing you to burn from both ends. However, if you would rather to dress up as a cute winter bunny, and stay warm in the ski lodge, he recommends applying SPF 15. My favorites are; Protecting Hydrator SPF 30 by PCA Skin, and Anthelios SX by La Roche Posay.

Not only is sunscreen extremely important to use during winter—it’s also a great way to keep your skin from getting dehydrated. Most of us suffer from dry skin during the winter months, so why not try a moisturizer with sunscreen? The cold air requires your skin to keep it more hydrated than usual, therefore try re-applying your moisturizer throughout the day or using products such as the Hydrating B-5 Gel by SkinCeuticals to help you lock in the moisture to the skin, this product will also maximize the effect of your daily moisturizer. And what about our lips? Too much sun exposure can lead to dry, cracked lips and, over time, can cause skin cancer.

Applying sunscreen every day is very simple, and is the most gratifying step in your skin care regimen. Your skin will thank you forever!

Happy Holidays!


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