Dry Skin Care: Treating Chapped Winter Skin

Source: flickr.com user vonschnauzer

Source: flickr.com user vonschnauzer

When the weather turns frightful, the skin often becomes dry, flaky, cracked, and uncomfortable. Treating chapped winter skin can be rough (pun completely intended), but it’s not impossible. To restore smoothness, hydration, and radiance to your face and body, follow these helpful tips, and bask in the simple pleasure of healthy, comfortable skin.

Wash Up
Long, hot showers can be as therapeutic as a massage, but soaking in hot water actually dehydrates the skin. Very hot water strips away the skin’s natural oils faster than warm or cool water, which is why skin sometimes feels tight or itchy after a hot soak.

The remedy? Take shorter showers in comfortably warm water. Not only is it better for your skin’s hydration levels, but you’ll use less water, which is better for the earth! Also, make sure to pat your skin dry after bathing in order to allow the skin to absorb the residual moisture.

If you suffer from extremely dry skin, make sure your face cleanser and body wash are both free of harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and consider looking into an in-shower body lotion like Ted Gibson’s Body Conditioner. Designed to be used just like a hair conditioner, Body Conditioner supplies nourishment and hydration to the skin while you finish your shower routine!

Sharpen Up
One of the main causes of irritation for any skin type is shaving with old or improper tools. It is especially true for very dry skin, as dehydrated skin is more sensitive by nature. When it comes to shaving dry skin, using the right tools will make all the difference in the world.

First, use a new razor blade whenever possible. Trying to save money by using the same blade for days or even weeks at a time will only lead to bumps, razor burn, and cuts. Stock up when there’s a sale, or look for coupons from your favorite razor retailers.

Secondly, throw out your foaming shaving cream and replace it with a slick, high-quality shaving lotion, like Whish’s Shave Crave. I can personally attest to Shave Crave’s superior performance; after suffering from razor burn and shaving bumps for years, I switched from a leading foaming formula that contained nothing but a slew of chemicals, and tried Shave Crave for the first time. After ONE use, my razor burn and bumps were gone, and I’ve never looked back. Plus, it’s made with ultra-moisturizing organic essential oils that smell as heavenly as they sound.

Pucker Up
Sore, chapped lips are probably the number one complaint during winter. It’s almost impossible to avoid suffering from chapped, flaky lips when the wind is blowing and the heaters are running. Because lips don’t have their own oil glands, they become dry easily, and are somewhat difficult to treat. To keep your pout ready for all that mistletoe, follow these lip-inspired guidelines:

  • Protect physically with a scarf, or slather on a moisturizing lip care product. Lip Conditioner by Caudalie lives on my bedside table for when my lips are feeling dry. Formulated with anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, and luxurious shea butter, Lip Conditioner does it all. Plus, it has a delicious vanilla flavor to boot! Pack it in your pocket, or stuff it in your sweetie’s stocking.
  • Replenish the moisture in your home by using a humidifier. Modern heating units dry out our environment, which affects everything from our hair to our nails! Heaters are particularly harsh on the areas of the body that don’t have oil glands, like the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, and lips. Using a humidifier will help relieve chapped lips, dry hands and dry cracked feet.
  • Prevent dry lips by not licking them. The constant wetting and drying caused by lip-licking will chap your lips in no time flat. To help break the habit, coat your lips in garlic olive oil. Both the garlic and olive oil will moisturize and nourish your lips, but the taste and smell will keep you from licking. (Make sure you don’t try this at home skin care tip on a work day! Your co-workers probably won’t appreciate the aroma.)

Finally, remember that sunscreen is a year-round necessity. Over 80% of the sun’s rays are able to penetrate clouds and fog, so keep your skin protected. Using a dry skin moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or greater is the perfect way to restore comfort and moisture while shielding your skin against UV damage.

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    I agree with you that chapped lips are probably the number one complaint during winter.

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