Eczema Driving You Crazy?


Your kid’s eczema making you crazy?  You are not alone!  Some studies have shown that as many as 1 in every 12 kids has eczema or very dry skin.  Given these numbers, I wanted to share a few things that I have tried and some that my customers have tried that are more natural remedies than some that may have been recommended to you .

NON-DIET related triggers:

  • Synthetic ingredients or natural irritants: soaps (particularly with non-natural ingredients), clothes (rayon, silk, wool, any synthetic material), diapers, synthetic perfumes, deodorant, detergents with chemical dyes
  •  Environmentally generated: dust mites, dog hair, cat hair, rodents, mold
  •  Illness – bacterial infections, fungus, yeast, asthma
  •  Generated by our own bodies – sweat from overheating

How to Eliminate Them:

  •  Hepa filter on your vacuum (change the filter every couple of months)
  •  Remove rugs and stuffed animals where dust and dust mites hang out
  • Chose safe (natural) cleaning products (eliminate regular detergents, fabric softeners, etc)
  •  Use natural diapers and baby wipes

About the Author

Kelly Boyd is the founder and CEO of San Francisco-based My True Nature.  She founded the company with the goal to make bath time safe and fun for kids.  My True Nature’s products are all natural & organic, great for kids with eczema and sensitive skin, and sport cherubic characters on the labels that will become your child’s bath time friends.  For more information about the company or their products, please visit

Kelly Boyd

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