Emphasizing Lips And Eyes Made Easy With CATTIVA Cosmetics.

Two of the easiest and most exciting parts of our faces to emphasize are our lips and eyes, and CATTIVA Cosmetics just made this more fun! A few years ago I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving my house without make up. I would spend lots of time trying to cover up my imperfections and at the same time trying to highlight the parts of my face I liked the most. Unfortunately, living in a city where everything is more hectic than usual called for an update on my make up routine; I chose to go for a more natural look, I realized that less is more and narrowed my routine down to only highlight my eyes and lips. In a city where there is sunlight almost 300 days out of the year I needed something that was going to keep up with my busy LA lifestyle and didn’t require lots of touch ups. I tried many different products and looks, some products worked well, but I still couldn’t find a waterproof product that I loved. During the summer months it is a lot harder to keep up with the perfect look, especially if you like to lay out by the pool or go to the beach. However, these two products are amazing to wear every day, even on the hottest days of summer when makeup is hardest to keep in place.

The CATTIVA Waterproof Automatic Eye Pencil – Black – Precisione goes on smoothly, and it’s a mechanical pencil so you won’t need to sharpen it. Also, since it’s not in liquid form, you’ll have more control over it, and you can apply it on your lower eyelash line for a more intensified and sexier look.

For my lips, I’m in love with the Waterproof Automatic Lip Pencil – Nude – Dolce Diva, it is so natural looking and it blends perfectly with my skin color. I’ve had problems finding a lip pencil that isn’t too harsh on my lips or irritating, also some of the lip pencils I’ve tried dry out my lips and the next thing I know they’re chapped! I don’t have this problem with this lip liner and I also don’t need to use a lip primer. It went on smoothly and it stayed on for hours! The only thing I usually have to touch up on is my lip gloss.

By using these two products you can create a natural look, it is also gratifying to know that you hardly have to touch up often, if at all, making these products last a long time without creating a big dent in your pocket.

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  1. Cynthia

    I love the natural look. Would love to win the waterproof automatic eye pencil and water proof automatic lip penicl.

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