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One of our favorite anti-acne brands Epionce has a new weapon in their arsenal: Lytic Sport TX, a unique lightweight treatment formulated without fragrances or parabens. It’s the ideal acne solution for combination to oily skin and offers the following benefits:

-Removes excessive and abnormal skin cells, reducing skin imperfections

-Reduces visible redness, scaling and lesions

-Smoothes the contour of the skin to make pores and scars less noticeable

-Controls oil

-Has anti-inflammatory/anti-microbial effects

Interested in giving the new Lytic Sport TX a try? Good news: DermStore’s giving away FIVE anti-acne kits from Epionce, which also contain their Lytic Gel Cleanser and Purifying Lytic Toner. The kit, which is worth $130, could be yours for free if you tell us: What does having perfect skin mean to you?

Congrats to our winners:

1) Cindy b

2) Christine

3) Ian

4) Kim

5) A. Szajna

Please be sure to check your emails for more informatio on how to claim your prize. Thanks to all for participating!
**5 winners will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell us what does having perfect skin mean to you? Giveaway starts on 6/29/11 and ends 7/13/11 at 11:59pm PST. The winners will be announced during the time of 7/14/11- 8/14/11. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**

95 Responses to “Enter Our Epionce Giveaway!”

  1. Bill

    perfect skins means no zits and no worries about breakouts and looking like a freak.

  2. Donna C

    I cant imagine life with perfect skin…but I can sure dream about it!!!

  3. Christine

    Perfect skin to me means having more confidence. People tend to stare at you when your face isn t all its best.

  4. couscous

    perfect skin means feeling comfortable in your own skin

  5. Cathy E

    Perfect skin means radiating confidence with a healthy glow

  6. Mariee

    It means having smooth and glowing skin that makes me feel younger and more confident.

  7. Carol Egelseer

    For our granddaughter, it means more freedom to enter high school and make new friends with more self-confidence, also enabling her to concentrate on classes, band, and extracurricular activities without having to be concerned about her appearance! With teens, first impressions do count!

  8. Amy Arlabosse

    Perfect skin means leaving the house with light powder on and feeling like a million dollars!

  9. Sarah

    Having perfect skin would mean not looking in the mirror in the morning and wondering how I am going to hide all the acne I wish I didn’t have. It would mean being confident with my self even without a layer of makeup on my face. I have tried so many products and none of them seem to work, I would really love to give this one a try!

  10. Grace Williams

    Perfect skin means no breakouts and with a healthy glow.

  11. holly cash

    Perfect skin for me is having confidence and taking good care of myself ;)

  12. A Szajna

    Perfect skin means that the way I take care of myself inside (good diet and exercise) will show outside. Perfect skin reflects overall health.

  13. cjs

    Perfect skin means that it is smooth & holds makeup flawlessly. Or, if no makeup is on it,…it is radiant and fresh!

  14. Marjorie VT

    Perfect skin makes me feel more confident about my appearance.

  15. K.Chan

    I used to have great skin and then a few years ago I went on a trip and came back with a blemish on my right cheek. It hasn’t gone away since. Reclaiming that skin tone and having that blemish gone would mean a lot to me… but all this being said, perfect skin doesn’t mean happiness to me. I love life and am happy with who I am and how I look *without* perfect skin. Perfect skin really just means having one less thing to worry about before rushing out for a night on the town, one less thing to be self-conscious of when in an important meeting or relaxing in a bikini out by the pool, and one *more* thing to be proud of as a part of who I am. ^_^

  16. Anna L.

    Perfect skin means acne free skin to me!:) Thanks for this fun giveaway!

  17. esz

    taken care of. Using SPF, cleaned twice a day, moisturized during the day and at night.

  18. Shannon M

    Having perfect skin means feeling confident to go out in public without having to put on makeup!

  19. Amanda Healy

    Having perfect skin means taking preventative measures to preserve and protect your skin for years to come. It’s being sustainable in your skincare regime to produce skin that glows from within. This also comes from proper diet – “you are what you eat!” Fuel your body with healthy materials and the outcome is likely to be beautiful skin.

  20. Monica Young

    Perfect skin means feeling confident and healthy. Knowing that the skin is acne free means to be able to get out without have to cover my face with concelers.

  21. Susan

    I look at my skin and wonder if it will ever be perfect. I think perfect skin is a dream. My daughter says I’m too hard on myself and that my skin looks great. I see women without any skin flaws. Do they just know some beauty tricks I don’t? I think lovely skin is achievable because I see so many women with skin to admire.

  22. Tina B.

    Having perfect skin is being healthy, happy and always washing off makeup at the end of the day!

  23. Barbara Wicklund

    Perfect skin shows inner health! It’s not about wrinkles, it’s about a glow!

  24. stacy

    Having perfect skin means that your skin looks and feels fantastic. You look younger, our skin is soft, and you feel beautiful

  25. Lokia

    I don’t have perfect skin so it means using good products that help my skin look and feel its best.

  26. Sheryl Edwards

    To me perfect skin means healthy, smooth, radiant skin with no breakouts!

  27. hjm

    Having perfect skin means feeling confident, not worrying about my makeup, and knowing I can show my glowing skin without fear.

  28. Rosary Cortez

    Perfect skin is when you get compliments that you look younger than you really are!

  29. Jennifer

    Having perfect healthy radiant skin gives me the confidence, motivation and encouragement to break out of my shell. Since having terrible acne as a teen it has totally destroyed my self-esteem. Now my acne has gotten a little better I had to pick myself up and rebuild. To have and maintain healthy skin is one of my biggest goals.

  30. Rikka

    I have not had “perfect skin” since I was 13. 30 years later I battle with acne and the imbalance and irritation from trying to treat it. Perfect for me is simply balanced, clear and radiant, not being a slave to treating or hiding it nor all of the time and confidence it steals from me. I would love to test this new product. I have been using Lytic Lotion Plus for 2 years and it seems to be the only product that my skin feels comforted and calmed by. A week without it is noticeable.

  31. Charity S

    Perfect skin means not being ashamed to go without makeup on.

  32. Kathy Thomas

    Having perfect skin means I could face the world a little easier. My dry discolored skin makes me want to hide.

  33. Jessica Carlisle

    Having perfect skin is very important to me! My face is the first thing that people see. It helps boost my confidence and helps me to deal with aging a little more gracefully! :o)

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