Erno Lazlo Shake-it Tinted Treatment

thumbnailAs long as I can remember I have had oily skin . As a teenager I never had what you would call massive outbreaks of acne but I always had at least one or two breakouts that I HATED!!!! I cursed my oily skin. Now in middle age I am still oily. (YES…after all these years STILL OILY.) Now, there are pros and cons of having oily skin. On the con side  you will have excessive shine and always be blotting your shiny forehead, nose and chin, but on the pro side your skin will not dry out as quickly, and hopefully (I say this as I am crossing my fingers) your signs of aging will show up at a slower pace.

If you have oily skin,  then I know you are just like me and have been on the hunt for the perfect product to tame the grease factor but not dry your skin out, especially if you are getting a little older and still want that dewy glow. That is a tall order and not that easily found.

On my quest to find the perfect oil controlling product I looked to a brand that has been around forever: Erno Lazlo. Erno Lazlo has been successfully in business since the early 1930’s. Over the years, their clinic has seen tons of elite clients—everyone from Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe to Jessica Biel and Nicole Kidman!

If this brand has been successful for that long and still has a running list of clients who love their products, then they must know something about skin.

My first product to try was Erno Lazlo Shake-It Tinted Treatment. It is a combination toner and foundation that comes in 9 shades. This tinted treatment was the last step in my morning ritual after my oil-free moisturizer. It comes in normal to combination formulations, as well as  slightly oily to extremely oily. It contains calcium and glycerin, which lock in moisture and smooth out the skin, along with cosmetic alcohol to tighten the pores, control excess oil and leave a matte finish. As if that weren’t enough, it also contains citric acid to help remove dead skin and encourage skin cell renewal.

To use this product, you literally  SHAKE-IT… this blends it all together! I use the beautyblender sponge to apply, some people use their fingers but  I don’t like that, so I use the sponge which blends the product evenly over your face without leaving any lines. Now if you are like me and you like a lot of coverage you can apply many coats (5-6) and it does not look cakey because it is so sheer. I sometimes use a powder brush afterwards to remove any excess powder for a smooth finish. Plus this also saves a step where I use to apply powder over my foundation.

I have to tell you I was a little bit nervous when I used Shake-it Tinted Treatment for the first time, and I was a little concerned. Were my expectations too high? Was this going to be just like all the other oil absorbing products I have used in the past? NO! THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!

Before I began using Shake-It Tinted Treatment I would get oily within 2-3 hours after putting on my makeup, but this controls oil for up to 5-6 hours and is also pretty much transfer-resistant. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!



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