Essential Make-up That’s Boyfriend-Friendly

Boys hate make-up . . . true or false? Personally I have come to the conclusion that many guys are more attracted to natural beauty. We have all heard the phrase “less is more” and this too applies with make-up, especially when referring to an everyday look! Sure it’s fun to play around with eye shadow, false lashes and bright lipstick. But sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple and work towards merely enhancing your natural beauty! In working towards bringing out your natural beauty, versus covering it up . . . there are some great products that can do just that. I think the boyfriends will appreciate it too!  

There are tons of great products out there that can be considered boyfriend-friendly! At the top of my list is tinted moisturizer, such as Miracle Skin’s Transformer with SPF 20. This product is lightweight, but also goes beyond concealing. It hydrates and protects against sun and environmental damages!  Tinted Moisturizer helps even your skin tone and cover minor imperfections, the perfect replacement for foundation.  After, it’s time to add a pinch more of color to those cheeks and lips!

Becca’s Watermelon Beach Tint is a two-in-one cream stain for the cheeks and lips. Not only is it Watermelon scented, but the color is also inspired by the beautiful fruit! This cream stain is formulated with antioxidant vitamin E which will help condition and protect your skin with each use. One more major plus is that this product is not sticky! It’s kiss-proof and water-resistant, making each smooch smooth and mess free!

To finish up this boyfriend-friendly face, a few swipes of mascara will seal the deal! Blinc’s Mascaranot only enhances eyelashes but it creates a thicker and longer look! This mascara will not run, flake, clump or smudge-can we ask for anything more out of a mascara? I think not! By following these make-up tips Boyfriends will be happy, and you will get away with the perfect amount of make-up to bring out your natural beauty!  Always remember, your goal with make-up is to accent your natural features, not cover them up!

4 Responses to “Essential Make-up That’s Boyfriend-Friendly”

  1. plainjane

    This is bs. Not all of us are “naturally beautiful”. Its just the truth. Makeup is necessary if annoying and inconvienent for kissing.

  2. Amber Nicole

    These are just tips to enhance your natural features! This may not be a perfect combination for each individual, but rather suggestions that one can try!

  3. persephone

    I am absolutely obsessed with becca beach tint! Love the fluid texture and it is definitely long-wearing. Plus, my friends and b/f can’t quite put their finger on why I’m glowing.

  4. Amber Nicole

    Persephone, I am so glad to hear your feedback on the Becca Beach Tint! It does create a gorgeous glow, continue enjoying the product!!

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