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EXFOLIATION The Key to Glowing Skin

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I have an obsession with my skin, I admit it! Constantly looking for products that will make my skin look amazing. I do not care how long my beauty ritual takes whether in the AM or PM. If it makes my skin glow, skin tone more even and fine lines and wrinkles less apparent then I will do it. I have worked in the beauty industry for a long time and have tried hundreds of products, not all have been good for my skin and yes I DO think you can overdo it, but not in this case.

The good news is that thanks to technology, today’s products are better than ever. In the last several years, “at-home” skin care devices have become very popular as they have made it easier to get spa-like results at home for much less money. The first product I bought, one that my facialist swore by, was the Clarisonic Facial Brush System which I have been using faithfully for years.

The latest product in my arsenal of skincare tools is the Labelle Ultrasonic Skin Spatula by Trophy Skin. This tool may look a little like something from Sweeney Todd but do not fear. I actually call it a magic tool as it uses ultrasound technology to help loosen and remove dirt, oil and debris from the pores and bring them to the surface where it is simply wiped away. It is very gentle and non-abrasive so it can be used on ALL skin types to achieve a healthier complexion without the redness and swelling that is often associated with microdermabrasion. This is a multi-functional device that exfoliates and also helps product penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum effectiveness.

Before I ever used it the first time I watched a YouTube video because I did not believe it was as easy as advertised—and I was seriously impressed! This is how it works:

Step 1: Cleanse your face with a mild foaming cleanser to remove makeup and excess oil.

Step 2: Wet your face as this is the conductor for the ultrasound. Turn on the Labelle to peeling mode and begin to gently rub across your face 2-3 times on each cheek, 1-2 times across your forehead and 1-2 times across your chin adding water as you go. You may be a little grossed out by the dirt and oil that you find coming out of your pores.

Step 3: Dry your face and apply serum or moisturizer of your choice, I use the Elemis Pro-Collagen Mask. Turn the Labelle to Ion mode and turn it over with the flat side resting on your face and massage over your face for 1-2 minutes.

THAT’S IT! This is also gentle enough to use over acne and rosacea, it will not aggravate any existing skin condition.

After the first time I could tell a big difference, I mean just seeing all that dirt and oil was difference enough, but after 2 weeks of using it 2 -3 times a week my skin tone was brighter and more even, and all of the tiny little bumps that I would get across my forehead were gone.

It really is magic.





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