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Fall Beauty: 4 Things I’m Looking Forward to When The Temps Finally Cool Down

BY Liz · August 24, 2012

minimal makeup and messy topknot, your days are numbered!

I love summer just as much as any native Southern Californian. (Go ahead and cue the jokes about yoga, hiking and kale. Bring it!). I mean, what’s not to love? Between the months of May and September, my weekends are packed with awesome LA activities like walking to my local Farmer’s Market, hitting up hotel pools, playing volleyball at the beach and sporting my signature cutoff shorts 24/7, even out at night. But there are certain things summer is NOT good for. With the crazy, completely out-of-character humidity hanging over LA as I write, a sleek blowout is one that comes to mind. But I don’t even care about that right now—the messy topknot I’ve been sporting for the past week has given my hair a nice break from heat styling! And I don’t exactly long for the days when I can once again spend 30 minutes slaving over my hair with a blow dryer and a round brush. THESE are my beauty go-tos I’m missing like mad—and the main reasons I’m so excited for all the fall beauty trends!

  1. Red nails. In terms of attire, I’ve been wearing a lot of neon this summer. Lots of pinks and purples and floral prints, too. I’m all about mixing things that don’t necessarily match, but it seems like all my stuff just clashes with red nails, which happens to be one of my favorite looks. It’s a classic! And as much as I enjoy all the crazy nail art that’s out there right now, I’m ready for a subdued manicure. Enough is enough.
  2. A heavy-duty chemical peel. Yes, I am very diligent when it comes to everyday sunscreen application. But I’ve been outdoors a LOT this summer, and I feel like my skin is paying the price. I’m noticing the faint beginnings of new dark spots (eek) and I’m looking a little dull. Now is definitely not a good time to do anything crazy—the TCA peel I so adore calls for a good week of making like a vampire and avoiding the daylight at all costs—but I should be good to go in a month or so.
  3. Vampy lipstick. Granted, I’ve seen a handful of girls out and about at night in recent months successfully rocking a gorgeous brick-red lip (or even an almost-black lip) with clean, minimal face makeup and snappy summer clothes. Good for them, I say—but given my coloring, this look just doesn’t work for me in the summer. I just look too made-up. Since last spring, I’ve been using a shocking pink when I want a statement lip, and I’m sick of that. TOTALLY craving an all-black getup paired with an early 90s brown lip. Can’t wait!
  4. A full-blown smoky eye. Clearly a no-go for daytime use when it’s 100 degrees outside—but even at night these days, I’m of the “why bother?” mentality. I just never want to look like I’m trying too hard during the summer. That said, I’m starting to really miss artfully applied eyeshadow, and am sort of looking forward to spending an inordinate amount of time putting it on this fall.

How is your summer beauty routine different than your fall beauty routine? I’d love to hear about i!

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