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Fatal and Fictional Anti-Aging Ingredients

by Liz W

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Anti-aging skin care has become so advanced in recent years, but some of the best skin care brands seem to have stepped back in time (and away from reality), with ingredients like “Dragon’s blood” and “Snake venom” on their labels. According to scientific research and customer testimonials, though, the effectiveness of these ingredients in the battle against wrinkles is no myth.

The ingredients in question have alarming names that not only get the customer’s attention, but they actually relate to their formulas. The first ingredient, Synake, is a synthetic substance that mimics part of a polypeptide found in the venom of a Temple Viper. The Viper’s venom paralyzes its victim by blocking neuromuscular communication, which forces all muscles to relax.

Possessing a talent for seeing the bright side of anything, scientists realized this substance could be re-created in a lab and altered to be of use to us in the fight against aging. Synake is now found in many products that are coined as a less extreme alternative to Botox. As if snake charming isn’t intriguing enough for the average buyer, the slaying of a mythical fire breathing creature has sure turned some heads. From a fatal bite to a fabled beast, Dragon’s Blood is a dark red resin that ‘bleeds’ from the Croton Lechleri Tree found in the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest.

It has been used for years by native people to heal and treat severely damaged skin. It helps the skin restore itself by accelerating the natural rate of cellular regeneration, which reveals the new, healthier skin beneath the damaged layer. It has received great reviews for the treatment of age spots, sun spots and other visible signs of aging. Always ahead of the game with not only fascinating product names, but formulas that really work, Peter Thomas Roth has bottled up these legendary ingredients with the addition of Dragon’s Blood Damaged Skin CPR and Un-Wrinkle Eye  to his line. His quest to find effective products from around the world may have taken him to dragon’s dens, and back again, but the quality and effectiveness of his skin care product line is anything but a fairy tale.



  1. J. Michelle
    Posted November 13, 2009 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    I worked at a spa for a long while that carried Peter Thomas Roth and I had the privilege of also using the products during facials. I completely fell in love with almost the entire PTR line! I own probably every Un-Wrinkle serum available and use it every day and night. It’s amazing how fast you see the results of using them not to mention the brand is admirable with their product development, image and efforts. Great post!

  2. Stef
    Posted July 26, 2010 at 6:24 am | Permalink

    Hi, I am 44 years old and have developed wrinkles around my eyes, a deep crease between my eyebrows, lines on my forehead and a sagging jaw line. With so many products to chose from, I am confused on which would be the most effective (if any! Maybe plastic surgery is the only answer!)to solve these problem areas.
    Thanks for your advice!

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