Feeling güd

I’m all about trying new beauty products, but I’m especially fond of trying new, natural products. So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review Burt’s Bees new line of bath and body products: güd™ from Burt’s Bees.

I love that the entire line is free of parabens and petrochemicals. So that means there are no preservatives and no chemical products formulated from the raw materials of petroleum or hydrocarbons (some people think petrochemicals might be cancer causing, but that hasn’t been proven!). So when you can buy paraben-free  petrochemical-free products, do! The bottle says that the formulas are free of phthalates, but I can’t confirm if that is true. Phthalates are essentially “plasticizers” that are used in beauty products to moisturize skin and to boost the fragrances in personal care products. And since companies are not required to list fragrance ingredients on their packaging I cannot say that this product is 100% natural.

However, I still very much enjoyed using all these “guddies”! I was asked to review the Natural Body Lotion in Vanilla Flame, Natural Foaming Hand Wash in Floral Cherrynova, and Natural Body Wash and Natural Hand Cream Orange Petalooza. My favorite had to have been the body wash in Orange Petalooza. The bottle says “If you don’t sing in the shower, you will now” and that is literally how I felt when I lathered up. The scent was intoxicating (it’s a combination of blood orange and hyacinth) and filled my entire shower with a fresh, warm crispness! I left my shower feeling clean and in a much better mood! And knowing that I can get high-quality products that don’t contain parabens or petrochemicals (and don’t cost a fortune) will have me singing in the shower for weeks on end!

2 Responses to “Feeling güd”

  1. Clara

    Like that they don’t contain parabens. Haven’t seen this brand locally so I guess I’ll take a look online.

  2. travis

    Natural is certainly a great concept, free of parabens and petrochemicals sounds certainly like a good thing. There are the doubters of these natural products and funny as it sounds but I know of people who react to natural skincare products. As with any product it is good to test it out and if irritated from its use, stop using it. Thanks for sharing these cool products and it sounds like you had a great refreshing shower too.

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