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Feng Shui Your Beauty Routine: 6 Simple Steps To True Radiance

BY guestblogger · January 17, 2012

Feng shui is the ancient art and science of creating balanced environments with maximized energy. You can also apply the balancing and energy-directing principles of feng shui to your habits and routines to make small but powerful changes… and THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!

Botticelli's Birth of Venus

Here are my favorite ways to feng shui your beauty routine and feel like a goddess right now:

1. THINK BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS.  Its true, radiance starts on the inside. No matter what you look like, without confidence you will not shine. Even a few minutes a day of pure admiration in a mirror will set the day on a new course.

2. Now, clean those mirrors!!!  Often.  Always keep your reflection super clear.

3. Full-Color Light is so important. If you don’t have sunlight where you apply makeup, try adding FULL-SPECTRUM light bulbs.  This will both boost your mood and mimic the colors of sunlight to show you more of your beauty!

4. Make it a fresh start daily.  Wash your face with a Clarisonic brush if you can. You can’t get a fresher start!  Exfoliation literally sweeps away old skin like filing papers clears clutter.  Both your face and body could need a gentle but true scrub daily. 

5. Define your facial architecture! Learn to use a brow kit  – it’s transformational and so easy.

6. Use color deliberately- and USE IT!!! Red lips  add attractive fire and corals  communicate cheer and health.  A high gloss of any color  will grab attention like a mirror does on a wall.  A smoky eye in violet shades is more spiritual, browns are more grounded and stable, blues are more self-loving, greens more creative and black…pure mystery.  Any place you use highlighter you will also add sparkling metal energy which defines and refines.

Also:  always remember to have fun, eat well (starvation makes you look aged while ruining your health and chi!), drink lots of water and rest!  You are as beautiful as you allow yourself to be, so get out of your own way and shine!!!  xoxo Dana


Dana Claudat is a Pyramid School Feng Shui Consultant, writer, designer and founder of the feng shui lifestyle blog The Tao of Dana. A Stanford-educated Art Historian based in Hollywood, she does very personalized feng shui and art consulting with a client base composed largely of brilliant artists and the entertainment set.  She also works online with clients spread around the globe to make her user-friendly, unique feng shui approach available to anyone with a computer. Dana’s mission is to help everyone in the world become more positively in control of their environment and, thus, their lives.

Website: The Tao of Dana 

Twitter: @thetaoofdana


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