Fight Wrinkles with YonKa’s Latest

Pretty much anything that makes me feel like I’m at a day spa when I’m not (and as you’d imagine … that’s most of the time, unfortunately) is golden, my book. YonKa skincare products comprise one of those “anythings.” If you’re among the many women who swear by their Phyto Contour eye cream, then you know exactly what I’m talking about—can’t you just smell that amazing rosemary now? Anyway. YonKa recently introduced a new duo of products designed to fight wrinkles—one for use during the day, one for night. They’re called Stimulastine Jour and Stimulastine Nuit, respectively, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on them. And now, the report!


Certainly not the most important aspect of a product that retails at $110, but like all the other YonKa products I’ve tried, this one smells incredible. The packaging on the night product says “with dill.” As much as I love food and drink, I don’t think my nose would have been sophisticated enough to identify that in a blind test, but whatever. It smells great. FYI: YonKa’s essential fragrance comes from lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme. Fragrant in an immaculately fresh way—a difficult feat to achieve, wouldn’t you agree?


To be completely honest and fair, I haven’t been using these products for an entire month. Therefore I’ll have to report back on what kind of results they bring about. What I can tell is you about is the technology they utilize, so here goes. The aim of both the day and the night formulations is to support the synthesis of elastin. Like collagen, elastin is a fibrous protein that’s responsible for the suppleness of your skin, for better or for worse. Teenagers, for instance, have that plump, gorgeously radiant skin they don’t even appreciate (gosh, I sound old) thanks to an amazing elastin network that’s somewhat comparable to the springs in a brand-new mattress. With age, something called “elastase enzyme” shows up to create problems, causing elastin to deteriorate. Fibers become less plentiful, expression lines form, and next thing you know you’re looking at a face full of wrinkles. Sorry to be depressing on a weekend, but that’s pretty much exactly how it goes down, if you’re into wholly un-scientific explanations as I am. My point is this: the Stimulastine Jour contains anti-elastase technology to halt this evil cycle, plus co-enzyme Q 10 (one of skin care’s most effective antioxidants) and oat polysaccharides, the latter of which work to smooth and lift wrinkled, aging skin. The night product leverages dill and yeast to boost the functionality of the elastin network while your skin goes through its natural healing process (the one that happens every night when you sleep). Both products are almost completely natural, and both are paraben-free.

I’ll be sure to get back to you and let you know how my marionette lines are doing once I’m finished with these products. But in the meantime, have any of you given them a try yet? I’d love to hear your take on them!

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  1. Tracy Sturdivant

    Hi Liz,
    Did you ever finish your 30 day trial of Stimulastine? If so, What were your results? Do you love the product? I love Yonka products, my skin reacts well to them. I personally don’t believe that products can actually reverse the damage but can prevent more from occuring. I would love to know what the difference is between Yonka Optimizer and the Stimulastine products, do you know?

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