Fionagh Cush for TEMPTU and Beautiful Creatures

Spring’s biggest blockbuster Beautiful Creatures hit cinemas today, and leading the way behind the scenes was renowned Hollywood makeup artist Fionagh Cush. With years of experience working on some of Hollywood’s biggest sets, Cush knows a thing or two when it comes to makeup for the stars. On set in the extreme humid conditions of the swamps in New Orleans, Cush created two absolutely enchanting looks, and do you know what she used? TEMPTU! That’s right, using the versatile TEMPTU AIR Pod Makeup, Cush transformed Beautiful Creatures main character Lena, played by Alice Englert.



The soft, everyday look was created to capture the youthful innocence of Beautiful Creatures main character, Lena. Fionagh Cush describes it as “naturally flawless and confident.” For her second look, Cush created a dramatic, mystical look for Lena. The result is dewy-eyed and romantic — ideal for a “beautiful creature.”

With its Incredible, unbeatable staying power, the TEMPTU Air Pod Foundation never left Cush’s side on set. With minimal touch-ups, TEMPTU always provided a flawless look. Plus, Cush makes specific note that TEMPTU cuts down the time it takes to do makeup dramatically. “In ½ a minute I can do a full foundation face, where with traditional makeup it used to take me 10 minutes!”


Get the Look – Light


Apply AIR Pod Blush – Soft Peach to the apples of the cheeks and sweep up towards the temple.

Pro tip:

Apply AIR Pod Blush before your Flawless AIR Pod Foundation, and you’ll get a truly natural and soft flush look.


Using AIR Pod Foundation two shades darker than your regular foundation, apply to the eyelid crease. Next, coat the top lashes with your favorite mascara.


Apply AIR Pod Blush – Washed Rose to your lips and top it off with a clear or light pink lip gloss.

Pro tip:

To remove excess oil or shine from the top layer of AIR Pod Makeup, Fionagh suggests placing a blot paper to your face, and rolling the side of a blush brush over the paper. Get your matte look without the powder!


Get the Look – Dark


Lid: Outline your crease with black eye shadow, going from inner to outer corner. To cover the rest of the lid with color, use a flat brush, patting down from the crease to the lash line. Apply AIR Pod Highlighter – Champagne over the entire lid for a dewy, blue-ish shimmer.

Pro tip:

Clean up any fall out with a Q-tip and makeup remover before applying AIR Pod Blush and Foundation.

Inner Corner: Apply AIR Pod Highlighter – Gold to the inner corner of the eyes. For more drama, add Gold Highlighter along the sides of the bridge of the nose, near the eye.

Lash line: Apply black eyeliner and mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

Pro tip:

Soften and add color to the bottom lash line by spraying AIR Pod Highlighter – Bronze to the back of your hand and dipping a flat brush into the color.

Finish THE LOOK:

Repeat the Enchanting Cheeks, then top this look off by applying AIR Pod Highlighter – Champagne to your décolleté and your favorite deep red lipstick to your lips for a wickedly alluring impression.



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