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First Date Makeup

BY Brandie Johnson · August 19, 2013


We all know how stressful first dates can be. We all drive ourselves crazy wanting to have the perfect “natural” look. Well, stress no more! I have devised a way to get the picture-perfect date look (day or night) without overdoing it. All you need are the following: a good primer, a light makeup and a clean face!

Prep Your Skin: How you prepare your face before you apply your makeup is EVERYTHING! First, start with cleansing your face with a mild soap or cleanser. Pat your face dry with a soft towel (rubbing can cause irritation), and then moisturize. Allow your skin to relax before the next step.

Apply Your Makeup OK, now it’s time for the magic to happen! I use a primer that is great for all skin types. It’s by Cover FX and it’s called Anti-Aging Primer. I apply a pea-size amount to the 3 main areas of my face first— forehead, cheeks and nose—and then blend it in. Then, using a foundation brush, I apply Total Cover Cream Foundation SPF 30 by Cover FX only to my problem areas—not my whole face—to keep the look natural and not cakey. Then, using a medium-sized brush, I swipe the Pressed Mineral Foundation, also by Cover FX, across my entire face and neck. For my eyes, I line my eyes with Incredible Wear Gel Liner. This amazing liner goes on smooth and does not run. I take this look from day to night by simply extending the liner outward for that cat eye effect. Last but not the least, my lipstick! I like using the Matte Lip Color by Kevin Aucoin because it softens my lips while giving them long-lasting color.

There you have it: A quick and easy way to achieve the perfect “natural” look that goes from day to night. You can also refresh your look throughout the day by dusting mineral powder and applying your favorite lip gloss. Enjoy!

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Brandie Johnson

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