If the popularity of the hashtag #nomakeupselfie is any indication, now is the time to focus on a flawless natural face. Drinking plenty of water and getting tons of rest are key to rocking the “no foundation” look. But what about products? Here are some of my favorite essentials for that.

FOR BREAKOUTS: I recommend using EVE LOM’s Dynaspot, which contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients to reduce swelling and redness quickly.

FOR AN EVEN-TONED COMPLEXION: Sunscreen is an every-day must. Why not choose one that helps correct skin issues without looking like makeup? CoTZ offers a fantastic SPF that leaves skin matte and protected, without anything we tend to hate about SPF products—like white residue and odd chemical scents.

FOR NATURALLY GORGEOUS EYES: Put down the black mascara and reach for jane iredale’s Longest Lash Mascara in brown—this will create a perfectly natural look and give you the instant eye-opening effect you’re after. This is a step I never skip—sorry, #nomakeupselfie movement. The secret’s out!


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