Fringe Benefits

A very knowledgeable hairstylist once told me that if your haircut looks the same in consecutive holiday card photos, it’s a sure sign that you need to switch things up. Sadly, I’ve been a victim of this little style faux pas for, uh… too many years to count. Maybe seventh grade? But I am no longer a victim of mundane mane! Lucky for me, I got an ambush makeover from Kronos Hair Care creator and former North American Hairstylist of the Year, Dusty Simington.  Guess what? I now sport a hairstyle with bangs! (A statement that none of my friends or family initially believed until photographic evidence proved otherwise due to my repulsion for any hairstyle that requires styling.)

On a routine visit to the DermStore office, Dusty casually mentioned, “Oh by the way, I’m cutting bangs for you today. No arguing, my assistant is here and everything is set up.” (And yes, my boss and coworkers knew it was coming and didn’t even give a heads up! Rude.) My reaction? A mixture of terror, shock and excitement. Because, let’s face it, bangs seem like a drastic step but who would turn down a hair transformation from one of the best hairstyling gurus in the US? After my initial protests, “They are too high maintenance! I’ll never be able to style them! I My forehead is the wrong shape! My hairline’s all wrong! I’ll never be able to grow them out!” I soon discovered that there was no weaseling my way out and that he had an answer to everything, “Anyone can pull them off.” “There are different face shapes for different bangs.” “They will add two minutes max to your prep time.” “Growing them out is the fun part!”

Guess what? He was right!(imagine that, a North American Hairstylist of the Year knew what he was talking about. Crazy, huh?) Bangs have given me a completely different look. I feel a lot more trendy, stylish and it seriously  takes under two minutes to style them. Even my tried and true hairstyle (unbrushed hair tied in a knot) looks fashion forward with some fringe bangs around my face! As cheesy as it sounds, I immediately felt like a whole new Amy!

Over the course of the next 3 months, Dusty came back to the twice to trim my bangs and cut them slightly different- angling them so they grow into side swept bangs, a look that I am currently sporting and loving!

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