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Whether your hair is straight or curly, long or short, dyed or au naturale, chances are you want it to be shinier. For most people, knowing how to get healthy hair is the same as knowing how to get shiny hair, but achieving true hair health takes time and effort. Improving the health of your hair is the number one best way to keep it silky and shiny, but while you’re on that hair care journey, here are a few tips and tricks for adding instant shine to your locks.
Tip #1: Cool it Off

Blasting your washed and conditioned hair with a cold water rinse before stepping out of the shower will add a burst of shiny brilliance with almost no effort on your part. The chill of the water will close the hair cuticles, sealing in the conditioner for lasting moisture and gorgeous shine.

Tip #2: Dry it Right

Drying your hair well means catering to your natural hair texture. For making straight hair shiny, you should use a blow-dryer and a boar-bristle paddle brush. Be sure your hair is completely, 100% dry, otherwise the damp areas will become frizzy and lose body. (Let your hair cool off after blow-drying, then run your fingers through it to find any damp areas.) To calm a surprise attack of frizz, spot-treat with a smoothing serum, making sure to keep it away from the hair’s roots to avoid looking greasy.

For making curly hair shiny, your drying regimen begins in the shower. After applying conditioner, rinse until it’s almost, but not completely, removed from your hair. Towel dry and apply a small amount of curl-supporting gel, then shape the curls with your fingertips. Never, ever run a brush through the finished style, otherwise your hair will become a fluffy frizz ball.

Tip #3: Replenish it Regularly

Using a weekly deep-conditioning hair treatment will revitalize damaged, lackluster hair. To boost the benefits of your treatment, begin with a clarifying shampoo to thoroughly remove product buildup. Free of the layer of residue, the hair will have an easier time absorbing nutrients and moisture, thereby optimizing your treatment time. (By the way, waiting for the hair treatment to work is also a great time to apply your favorite skin care face mask, give yourself a home pedicure, or fold the laundry!)

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