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Get the Vintage Look: Marilyn Monroe

Source: user aclbraga

Source: user aclbraga

When thinking of fashion icons, film actress and model Marilyn Monroe is one of the first women to come to mind. With her platinum blonde hair, her ethereal face and her all-natural sex appeal, Marilyn captivated men and women alike.

Marilyn was blessed with natural beauty, but she also swore by several beauty secrets to keep her skin clear and youthful. Some of her supposed beauty tips seem a bit far-fetched (like the rumor that she washed her face fifteen times every day to prevent acne blemishes), while most of her other beauty secrets, like applying a great anti aging moisturizer each morning, are much more believable.

Marilyn often sported soft eye makeup paired with gorgeous red lips. Although vibrant red lipstick may seem a bit scary at first, you’ll find that the correct shade of red coupled with a practiced application technique will leave you with a perfectly sexy pout every time.

Get Marilyn’s Look


  • Apply a medium to full coverage foundation to the face and neck. Use a concealer to disguise imperfections such as hyperpigmentation.
  • Sweep a pink-nude blush shade over the apples of the cheeks. Then, contour the cheekbones with a shimmering bronzer, blending it up into your blush shade.
  • Use your bronzer shade to accentuate the curves of the face where desired.

Eyes and Brows

  • Use shimmering eyeshadow shades to brighten and illuminate the eye area. Apply a light, nude shade to the entire lid, and highlight the brow bone with a glimmering highlighter formulation. If more depth is desired, use a medium toned shadow in the creases of the eyes.
  • Using black or dark brown eyeliner, create a thin line along the top lash line, applying from corner to corner. Extend the line past the edge of the eye and flick it up for a more dramatic look.
  • Apply a generous dose of mascara to the top and bottom lash line.
  • Fill in brows if necessary, making sure to create a natural-looking finish.


  • Prep the lips using an anti-feathering treatment.
  • Apply a rich coat of your favorite red lipstick, blotting gently. Top with a clear lip gloss if desired.

Complete your glamorous look by donning a fabulous dress and a flirtatious pair of heels. If you have shorter hair, spend some time with the curling iron to re-create Marilyn’s famous tresses. If you have longer hair, create gentle curls and sweep it into a sexy up-do!



  1. suzena sureda
    Posted November 30, 2010 at 2:27 am | Permalink

    I just love reading about all your beauty tips! I was brought up with my grandmother and she ALWAYS told me about how to keepm my face clean and fresh she was well ahead of her time> I now am a women and have told my daughter what my grand mother had taught me. Keeping out of the sun was a tip I was told about very nearly in my life. I DID NOT LISTEN but I did use sunscreen befor it was in every shape and form possible thank goodness for that!!I do makeup for girls and women for special nights and they love it. I give them the tips I myself use and what ever I can get my hands on tomread about., I just want to say Thank you to you for giving me the tipos I have used and I have passed them to women I put makeup on. My regret in life is I never had any nformal training I am now 58 and wish I would hqve went to school tolearn all I could about makeup and skin care. So once again I thank you for giving me the tools I can use. God Bless you for all the information you have allowed me tom have! Suzena

  2. Kathi kowal
    Posted April 14, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Permalink

    I love reading about the icons. Imagine, they looked beautifu with the same make-up that everyone else was using. They didn’t have sunscreen, stem cell creams, sonic facial cleansers, lasers, sun spot removers, lip plumpers, veneered teeth, eyelash and eye brow growers, skin tighteners, Brazilian blowouts, extensions, fat removers, fat fillers, breast implants, butt implants, cheek implants, surrogate mothers, or cell phones to find out with lightening speed what else was available! They were just plain beautiful, all in their own way, and usually with a lot of God given personality. Love those gals! LoveyaKK

  3. Teresa Uzzell
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 7:19 pm | Permalink

    Marilyn Monroe is totally beautiful and her look is timeless even in 2012; I would love to look like her; to have that total package sexy and smart looking/ power look!

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