Glamour and Glitz with Girlactik

The Voice's Signature Glitter Eyelid

I have various reasons for disliking glitter makeup. First, it’s hard to pull off unless it’s Halloween (and you’re dressed as a pixie). Second, it takes forever to apply and remove. Third, it’s messy, it requires a lot of cleaning up after application, and it tends to explode in my purse. And fourth, the tiny shiny flecks always end up in my eye no matter how carefully I apply them. Though I had a few inhibitions about trying Girlactik’s Sparkle Eyeliner Set, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect: I was set to go to Las Vegas on a Halloween weekend!

You’ve probably heard a lot about Girlactik, the ultra-glam makeup line created by Hollywood makeup artist Galit Strugano. Yes, it’s the brand that makes Karina Smirnoff shine like a megastar in Dancing with the Stars. It’s also what The Voice’s head makeup artist, Darcy Gilmore, uses to create her signature The Voice Glitter Eyelid, which we always see on Christina Aguilera. On top of that, this line has also built a solid and devoted celebrity fan base, which includes the likes of Marcia Cross, Nancy O’dell, Alicia Keys, Rumer Willis, Kelly Osbourne and so much more!

The Sparkle Eyeliner Set comes with the Black Star Base (matte eyeliner), the Sparkles Antique Gold (multihued glitter powder) and a tapered angle liner brush. For my eyes, I’ve always preferred the pen-like applicator of Cargo’s Liquid Liner because it makes the application so easy and it doesn’t require me to bring an extra brush. But with Girlactik’s angled brush, applying the Black Star Base on my upper lash line was a breeze! It goes on sheer at first, so you’ll have to apply an extra coat if you want something more opaque. And did I mention that this matte liner is also formulated with skin-nourishing botanical waxes, castor seed oil and vitamin E?

You CAN wear the eyeliner alone and still look glamorous. But since, after all, I have the City of Lights as a backdrop, I felt the need to step up my makeup game and sparkle with the rest of the party people. I applied the super-fine glitter powder on top of the black base, and it’s amazing how the flecks just stayed put—nothing fell on my lashes, clothes or eyes! But I guess what I loved most about this set is that the look it created didn’t look too flashy or showbiz-y at all. It’s sparkly yet very elegant, and I know I don’t have to wait for the next Halloween event to be able to wear it again.

With my glittery eyes, I didn’t have to apply that much makeup anymore. A light blush and pale pink-colored lips were all I needed. To finish my look, I simply swiped the Girlactik Skin Glow on the tops of my cheekbones, forehead and down the bridge of my nose for a subtle sheen. The overall look is simply magical—even though I wasn’t wearing any costume. And since I hate carrying makeup around, (powdered glitter + my purse = disaster), I love the fact that the look stayed on all throughout the night. Thanks to Girlactik, I’m not a glitter hater anymore!

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