GoSmile- My Pearly White Go-To


Confession time. My name’s Amy, and I’m a former bleachorexic… not to mention I am currently a coffee addict and harbor a slight obsession with Pinot Noir. It is pretty fair to say that since hanging up my whitening tray in high school (It actually wasn’t voluntary, my mom actually took them away for fear of my teeth enamel), my teeth have been put through some rough years when it comes to discoloration. In high school, I had some seriously pearly whites thanks to my not-so-mild obsession with teeth whitening products. After my mom’s bleach tray intervention, I stopped cold turkey and honestly, it was a blessing in disguise. Not only were my teeth beginning to look unnaturally white but I had developed an unbearable sensitivity to almost everything- liquids, cold food, breathing.

Unfortunately, the years of not bleaching my teeth and my penchant for coffee and red wine have taken a toll on the shade of my teeth. A colleague recommended that I try GoSmile Double Action Whitening System.  I decided to test out the 12-day system because according to the description it is “Especially effective for coffee and tea drinkers, red wine lovers, smokers, ages 50+”. While I certainly don’t smoke and I am not over 50, you are now well aware of my love for coffee and red wine- hence making me a perfect candidate for this system. The product is so easy to use! There are two individual sticks for each day, one for morning and night. Simply snap the sticks in the spots indicated on the packaging and squeeze the formula down to the tip. Apply to your teeth and leave on for about 20 minutes. So simple! And the best part is that it doesn’t bother my sensitive teeth! Well, actually that is the second best part- the best part is that is drastically changed the shade of my teeth! They are noticeably whiter- my coworker have even asked me what I am using! This is one of the easiest, quickest and most importantly, painless and effective methods for teeth whitening!

Check back with us tomorrow as we will launch a GoSmile giveaway exclusive to our facebook fans!

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