Got Red Hair? I’ve Found The Brow Makeup You Need

I have a beauty blunder to confess: I once had green eyebrows. Not really green like a Pellegrino bottle or a Christmas tree, but green in relation to my overall coloring. How did I get myself into this quandary? With a little help from an ash-brown drugstore brow pencil, that’s how. Hey, I was in high school, ok?

If you ask an expert like Anastasia, one should select her brow enhancement tools based on her hair color—go lighter if you’ve got dark hair, darker if you’ve got light hair, etc. I second this advice. But um, what am I supposed to do when I’ve got red hair, like I’ve had for the last 2 years?

I’ll tell you the first thing I should not do, and that’s use an ash-brown pencil from any provenance, drugstore or elsewhere. That has been noted. (Many people who use brown pencils in general could benefit by going a little warmer in tone.) But if you’ve got red hair—strawberry blonde, crimson, auburn, whatever—you’re blowing it if you’re not using Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo in Auburn.

This cute little compact contains a soft brownish (not ashy) shade in addition to the “red” shade, which is easily one of the best on the market, if not the best. (I find that the vast majority of red eyebrow enhancers boast shades that are not, and should not be found in nature.) It’s perfect! And the fact that there are two colors means that you can customize a shade that’s right for you. If you’re uber-pale and have more of a blondish red, you’re probably good with the red powder by itself. If you’re auburn, you can mix in the brown shade. Because the exact shade of my red is constantly changing, I am especially appreciative of this fact.

Oh, FYI: I use an angled brush to apply, and if I’ve got some extra time on my hands I’ll even trace the perimeters of my brows (like an after-the-fact stencil) with concealer. This really adds definition and makes everything look super-polished.

Have you tried Anastasia Brow Powder Duo? Even if you’re not a redhead, you should. There are a host of other hues from which to choose and I bet one is just perfect for you!

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