Hard to Resist: Exfoliating Mask with Wine Extract!

About a month ago I was getting ready to go on vacation and I was able to take this amazing face mask with me and try it. I usually mix a dry mild exfoliator along with my cleanser and that’s enough. However, knowing that I was going to be doing all kinds of outdoorsy stuff in one of the most polluted countries in South America, I knew I was going to need something a little bit stronger. I started using this Wine Exfoliating Mask by Pur Minerals and it started working almost immediately. After multiple hours venturing outside I couldn’t wait to get home and give myself this little treatment. The product smells SO good!

When my fiancé and I returned from vacation I started noticing that he had developed milia around his eye area. Our esthetician advised him to start using an exfoliator since he’s been applying an eye cream and a facial moisturizer for a while now – he’s a little too product happy to be honest :). Shortly after a couple of times using it, he got hooked! He is still using it and one of the milia bumps is gone! Two more to go! Woohoo!

Features & Benefits:
Vitisin: an antioxidant from the roots of wine-producing grapes shown to brighten the look of dark spots
Resveratrox: an antioxidant with smoothing and firming benefits, taken from the skin, shoots and roots of the grape
Lactic Acid: a natural alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates the skin for a visibly renewed radiance
Peach Stones (Seeds): natural exfoliating beads that manually buff away dead skin and debris
-Source: purminerals.com

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