Harness Pure Marula Oil and Realize its Skin Benefits


Legend tells that South African tribes were relying on Marula trees as a source of food, fuel, healing, and to condition and protect the skin as far back as 10,000 years ago. Used for centuries by South African women in the care and beauty of their complexions, Marula Oil is a potent, powerful and pure anti-aging wonder. Ten times more stable on the skin than olive oil* and rich in antioxidants, this moisturizing and exotic oil is naturally chemical-free, safe for all skin types, and delivers a light and fresh scent that is non-greasy and quickly absorbed.

Marula Oil also has large concentrations of minerals, nutrients and fatty acids that protect against environmental toxins. It can repair the skin, deeply hydrate and is safe to use around the sensitive eye area. Marula Oil helps reverse and repair photodamage caused by sun exposure such as roughness, discoloration, wrinkles and altered texture. This treasured oil has also been proven to help protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier by preventing transepidermal water loss, preserving the skin’s hydration balance as well as reducing topical redness.

A leading beauty magazine recently stated that Marula Oil could be the next Argan Oil. This remarkable ingredient is found in skincare but this rejuvenating oil itself can also be used as a massage oil, alone on skin areas or to enhance other beauty regimens. For example, it is an ideal base before applying foundation and works with all skin types from dry to oily as there is no greasy texture. It’s highly effective at hydrating and protecting the skin, is PH balanced, won’t clog pores and prevents and heals acne breakouts with its anti-microbial properties. It reduces redness and inflammation and restores the natural balance to the skin wherever applied.

This highly beneficial oil is pressed from the seeds of the Marula fruit tree which grows in Southern Africa. Every part of the Marula tree, from its bark to its fruit, is utilized by the locals but the oil is its most sought after raw material. In the search for a new beauty treatment and skin protection, look no further than the oil from the Marula tree seeds. It’s all natural, beneficial and is an extremely stable oil. Regain and maintain smooth, glowing, healthy skin through the use of Marula Oil and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to discover it.

Image_Stasia_SerafiniAbout the Author: Stasia Serafini founded Fiafini Skincare with her sisters Ursula and Halina in 2003 and launched a skincare line infused with South African Marula Oil in 2012.  Fiafini Skincare offers women of all skin types – including very sensitive – natural, effective and safe anti-aging products that are powered by the treasured South African Marula Oil. The entire collection represents Stasia’s lifelong search for efficacious, natural skincare that has taken her around the globe in search of ingredients both powerful and safe enough to be used by women of all ages. Visit www.Fiafini.com.

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