Health & Beauty Lessons Inspired by Dad

As Father’s Day approaches, I’ve been racking my brain on what gift I should get my dad this year. It’s always a challenge because my father keeps things simple and doesn’t spend a lot of time focusing on frivolous expenditures or crazy nonsense like Facebook. ;) This got me thinking about all the lessons I’ve learned from him, and that spun into the health & beauty lessons he has unintentionally taught me. Well, I’ve compiled a pretty interesting list that would surprise even my mother. Here they are:

1. Get in the habit of exercising.
My father is a committed walker. Every night he walks up to 7 miles. He’s always said that this has helped him to manage daily stress and keep in shape regardless of how many dark beers or my mother’s brownies he may indulge in.
2. Pack your lunch for work.
One of my favorite memories growing up was sitting with my dad while he packed his lunch, always being sure to point out to me the healthy items in his lunch (his way of tricking me into good eating habits). To this day he still takes time to bring his lunch to help save on calories and cost.
3. Use Chapstick to help protect your nose and eye area from irritation during cold and allergy season.
Growing up in Arizona, one must always battle allergens during the spring. For a more updated version, try this DermStore favorite for an all-purpose cream: All Purpose Skin Cream (4oz.) by Egyptian Magic

These simple tips have come in handy. What health and beauty tips have you learned that were inspired by your dad? Post your comments and shout outs to your dad below.

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