Healthy Skin 101: Cleansing

BY Jessika · June 22, 2012

Biokaliftin - Radiant Cleansing Ritual

The most important step when it comes to healthy skin care is cleansing. My best beauty tip is to remove your make up every night, no excuses. Proper cleansing is the first step towards healthy skin, without the proper cleanser or cleansing process your skin builds up bacteria that then causes your pores to clogged leading to breakouts. Choosing the right cleanser for your skin type is a challenge, but once you have chosen the right one, your skin has never felt better!

Nowadays we have several options when it comes to cleansers; however; some women are still using the “oh so harsh” bar soap. Bar soaps are made with harsh ingredients that don’t go well with your skin’s PH generating more irritation. Whether your skin is oily and produces a lot of sebum, or if your skin is dry and flaky, or maybe you have sensitive skin; I promise you that the right cleanser is out there waiting to be the perfect match with your skin, you just have to allow yourself to be open and try different options.

I cleanse religiously and I have tried many cleansers. I have very dry skin; therefore, I always thought that using a milky cleanser was better. Two weeks ago I got my hands on this really cool cleansing oil and foam. This was a little different from what I have tried in the past, using these two products combined leads more to a cleansing ritual than just cleaning your face. The Patyka Biokaliftin Remarquable Cleansing Oil offers amazing anti-aging properties and it smells amazing! At first I was a little skeptical about an oil cleaning my face, although I’ve use a pre-cleanse product before that is oil based, this one is a little bit thicker and definitely gets rid of everything! Even waterproof mascara and my favorite long-lasting foundation. Due to the fact the product smells fantastic I’ve been able to enjoy massaging my face even more.

Following the cleansing oil is a gentle cleansing foam. This cleansing foam not only smells very good, but it is very mild. After massaging my face and neck while following some easy steps my skin feels very moist. You can choose to practice this ritual at night and wake up to a soft – more radiant skin. I also use the cleansing foam in shower in the mornings; I just can’t get enough of how good it smells!


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