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High Five America! 4th of July Edition

BY Marissa · July 3, 2012


Let’s be honest, we all are anticipating our 4th of July day off. The anticipation is building up and everyone is eager to start celebrating and relaxing. But what about the fact that this 4th of July lands dead smack into the middle of our work week? Do we quote Jennifer Connelly from Labyrinth and say, “It’s not fair!” or do we simply rejoice even more that we get a random work day off? Well, here is a pro, con and animated gif to help you prepare for your vacation and your return back to the office on Thursday.

Fast forward to 4:22 in the video above to remember Connelly’s favorite lines in cult classic with David Bowie, Labyrinth.


You can ward off your anticipation with Lil Bub.

With Wednesday being a holiday, it’s like we are having a short week but it also means we have to work ahead. The stress can get to you but thanks to Buzzfeed, you can squash the stress and be easily entertained. Today’s top buzz is Lil Bub, the cat who was born (not breed) a dwarf with no teeth and extra toes. Dubbed the “happy accident”, this cat will melt your heart and give you a story to share at the BBQ tomorrow.

All that fun you have on Wednesday will most likely catch up with you on Thursday. To battle any fatigue my recommendation would be recharging with EBoost, my favorite go-to for when I feel sick, out of sync or just all around tired. Filled with vitamins and no sugar, EBoost utilizes green tea which will give you a steady dose of energy throughout the day instead of those dramatic spikes from some of the energy drinks out there.

Animated Gif worth sharing:
With all the buzz about TOMKAT (aka Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) split, I felt the need to share this epic high five from Top Gun:


Happy 4th of July everyone! Be safe and a special thank you to all the veterans and soldiers out there.


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