How To Achieve A Salon Worthy Blowout – Harry Josh Style


We all know that the key to getting gorgeous hair starts with the tools you use, which is why I have a whole bathroom cabinet dedicated to every appliance imaginable. Six hot tools and one hour later, the damage my tresses are left with is not something I’m willing to brag about. Maybe if I actually gave my mane a proper blowout I could avoid these harsh consequences?

Enter Harry Josh’s fabulous blow-out technique and tool! The Harry Josh Pro Tools Dryer 2000 has shed some new light on the entire styling process my frizzy mane receives – basically because Harry himself is a blowout guru. Not your everyday guru who claims to “transform” your hair with a monthly visit that breaks the bank, I mean the actual hair God who works with beauties like Rose Byrne and Liv Tyler. He also teaches us all how to achieve salon worthy styling on our own in a few simple steps. His dryer even blows hair at 81 mph – less energy, less damage, less time. Sounds like a tool I can get used to!

Here is a step by step guide to getting the best blowout – Harry Josh style!

1.)    Apply anti-frizz serum to towel-dried hair

2.)    Section hair into 4 equal parts; down the back of your head and in line with each ear

3.)    Hook a medium round brush under the root of one section of hair

4.)    Ensure the narrow nozzle attachment is on the dryer and the highest heat, speed, and ion technology buttons are set on (ion only if you have curly and frizzy hair)

5.)    Hover the dryer as close as possible to the brush and keep them in line as you slowly work your way down the section of hair starting at the root

6.)    Once you reach the tips, be sure to curl the brush under to add dimension to your locks

7.)    Repeat steps 5 and 6 on this section of hair until it is completely dry

8.)    Once dry, go over this section one last time using the cold shot button on the dryer which will set the style and boost shine

9.)    Repeat this process on the remaining sections of hair

10.)  Enjoy your silky, shiny blowout!

Think your hair has what it takes to get Harry’s attention? Now is your chance!  Participate in HairEnvy’s #ThrowbackThursday contest (for all the #TBT newbies: this translates to posting your old, wild or sometimes disastrous photos on Instagram with a #TBT hashtag) for your chance to win! Harry will pick his favorite and announce the winner across social handles. The grand prize winner will receive the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 + be the first to get his next product launching this fall ($500+ value), and 5 lucky runner ups will each receive $100 gift cards to!

Contest Instructions:

  1. Follow @shophairenvy and @HarryJoshHair on instagram
  2. Post a #tbt photo of a bad hairdo that best shows why you wish you had a #HarryJoshProTools back then
  3. Use #tbt, #HarryJoshProTools and #shophairenvy in your post to qualify for entry
  4. Tag @Shophairenvy and @HarryJoshHair
  5. Instagram your #tbt photo now!

Contest starts 7/25 and ends on 8/15; winner announced on 8/16. Contest for US residents only. Image must be of the person uploading it to qualify.

One Response to “How To Achieve A Salon Worthy Blowout – Harry Josh Style”

  1. Catherine

    The mailman just delivered my Harry Josh dryer and I can’t wait to try it. It is so compact and lightweight and I know it will be very easy to use. I have owned a TGR dryer, also made in France, for over 10 years and when I saw this one, I knew it had to be its replacement although it still works like new. I look forward to many years of this very cute and stylish Pro2000 adorning my bathroom. One question about attaching the nozzles… do they just snap on and off? They are very tight and I don’t want to scratch my new dryer. Thanks for all the info and video demo!

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