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How to Choose Beauty Perfume

Source: user mbiskoping
Source: user mbiskoping

Source: user mbiskoping

Designer beauty fragrances have become as important an accessory as the perfect necklace or handbag. Beauty perfume can set the mood of a romantic evening or brighten your morning before heading to work. As wonderful as perfume can be, it is often a frustrating task to find the perfect scent. With all the different perfume concentrations and types from which to choose, there’s no wondering why many of us are left spinning in the perfume aisle until we seek relief in the safety of the shoe section. Plus, as if finding a scent wasn’t difficult enough already, the “perfect” perfume can alter on your skin, leaving you attempting to scrub away each and every note. For a simplified fragrance shopping experience, try to remember these frequently asked questions and their answers on your next trip to your local department store.

What’s the difference between Eau de Parum and Eau de Toilette?

The “eau de” titles tell you how much perfume oil is used in the formulation. This enables you to choose a lighter or more concentrated scent, depending on your preferences. Knowing this information can greatly simplify any perfume shopping experience!

· Eau Fraiche – 3% or less perfume oil
· Eau de Cologne – 2-5% perfume oil
· Eau de Toilette – 4-10% perfume oil
· Eau de Parfum – 8-15% perfume oil
· Soie de Parfum 15-18% perfume oil
· Perfume, Parfum, Extract or Extrait – 15-25% perfume oil
· Perfume Oil – 15-30% perfume oil in an oil base

Why does my perfume smell different on my best friend?

Your body’s natural aroma changes all the time. Things such as temperature, hydration levels, oil levels, collagen levels, hormones, stress, diet and medications make small changes in the scent your skin gives off, which can greatly affect the final aroma of your favorite perfume and cosmetics. Plus, the odors of your surroundings alter the receptor cells in the nose, making you actually smell the perfume differently depending on where you are. So, how can you EVER wear a perfume without knowing what it will smell like at any given moment? Although your natural scent changes often, the alterations are generally so minute that it won’t greatly affect your perfume. However, your best friend’s skin is completely different, which is why your favorite perfume might smell awful on her and vice versa.

What are fragrance notes?

There are three types of fragrance notes – top notes, middle notes and base notes. Top notes reach the scent receptors first, giving your olfactory sense a fresh burst of lively aromas. Top notes usually consist of “bright” scents such as citrus, but can also include floral and herbal components.

The middle notes are the most prominent of the perfume’s scents. They appear after most of the top notes have evaporated. Middle notes are more rounded and mellow than the top notes, which is why perfumes seem to “calm down” about an hour after application.

The base notes surface after the perfume reaches its “dry down” stage. Base notes are warm, deep and full. Common base notes include tobacco, patchouli, vanilla bean and musk.

Because all beauty perfumes have these three stages, it is important for you to try on a scent for an entire day before deciding to purchase. Even if you love the top notes, you might dislike or even abhor the deeper middle and base notes.

One last thing…

After you’ve found your perfect perfume, you’ll want to know how to prolong the scent as much as possible. Many perfumes are part of lines that also include bath and body lotion, skin cleanser and even body powders that all feature the same core scent as the perfume itself. Using these health and beauty products before spritzing your perfume can help anchor the scent and enhance the notes, resulting in a longer-lasting aroma.


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