Nothing ruins a great skin day like excess oil or breakthrough shine. It might seem like a problem just for those with an Oily skin type, but now more than ever, breakthrough shine can affect nearly anyone. But why? And how can you take control of your skin’s oil before it gets out of control?

The Causes of Excess Oil

Skin can produce excess oil for many reasons:

1. Your true skin type. Does oily skin runs in your family? If so, you’ll be more prone to large, clogged pores, acne and shine.

2. Product overuse. If you over-cleanse, over-exfoliate, scrub with too much pressure, or apply too much product, you can cause oil production to increase.

3. Changes in season. Spring to summer to fall to winter – a rise temperature and humidity can cause skin’s oil production levels to increase. In contrast, a drop in temperature can dehydrated skin, causing it to produce excess oil to overcompensate.

4. Medications. Hormonal birth control can cause an increase in oil production, and almost any medication can bring on dehydration and cause skin to produce excess oil when it overcompensates for a for what’s missing.

5. Incorrect product usage. If you use products for oily skin when you actually have combination skin, your skin can become over-stripped of needed oil. It will then produce even more oil in response to compensate.

6. Hormones. Hormone changes throughout life for women (pregnancy, peri- and pre-menopause) can cause excess oil.

7. Stress. We produce more androgen hormones in response to stress, which causes more oil.

8. Unnecessary skin care tools. You can damage skin with the use of some harsh cloths, cleansing brushes, hand mitts, puffs and strips. They irritate and dry the skin, causing it to overproduce oil to compensate.

9. Tanning. Although it may temporarily dry out the skin, sun tanning actually triggers an injury response, causing the skin’s sebaceous glands to produce excess oil in order to protect the skin’s surface.

Stop Shine at its Source

Oil blotting papers have been around for years, but they don’t tackle oil production at the root of the problem, or deliver skin care benefits. In fact, they can do the skin more harm than good. Blotting papers just push the day’s oil, dirt, pollution, and makeup back down deeper into the pores to create an oxygen-deprived environment where P. Acnes bacteria can thrive and cause breakouts.

The solution for controlling oil needs to come from both the inside and out. Bioelements Oil Control Mattifier is formulated to target and reduce oil in the sebaceous glands with ingredients like saw palmetto, sesame seed extract, argan oil and thyme. On the surface, tapioca starch blots away excess oil to keep skin shine free all day. Use it right before your moisturizer for a perfect matte finish, keep t-zone shine at bay, and help makeup stay put. Apply it all over or just to oily areas – you can even apply it mid-day right over your makeup!

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Teresa Stenzel-6Bioelements Director of Education Teresa Stenzel has been a member of the Bioelements esthetics team since 1993. With a key role in the company’s integration of new professional products, she helps develop new facial and body treatment techniques, as well as new curriculum for Bioelements, ensuring skin care professionals receive the education they need to deliver the best skin care recommendations and professional treatments. Visit Bioelements Professional Skin Care on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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