How-To Get Gorgeous Summer Hair & Win $220 Prize From Kronos!



Me at the pool!


Summer is almost here and if you’re anything like me, that means you’ve got a new beauty regimen that is about to get underway!  I load up on sunscreen, self-tanner and super conditioning hair products to nourish and protect. I’m always looking for summer hair tips since I have to be extra careful not to completely parch my already dry hair, so I enlisted the help of celebrity hair stylist and Kronos founder, Dusty Simington, to help me take proper care of my hair during these sun and pool drenched months! Here are his summer hair tips:
I love swimming, but not chlorine. Dusty explains that since hair is like a sponge—it is made up of 3 layers and absorbs everything. Chlorine can damage hair ends causing split ends and increased frizz. To avoid this damage, especially to your hair cuticles, Dusty recommends wetting your hair with tap water before taking a plunge into the pool. This way, your hair follicles fill up with water instead of chlorine!
Want to protect your hair, but still look like a beach babe? For a sexy, low maintenance look spray wet hair with Kronos’ leave-in conditioner Liquid Theory and then apply a light layer of Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque. Pull hair back into a ponytail or let hair dry naturally—you’ll l have gorgeous texture and protected locks!

You have no excuse not to have incredible hair all summer long because these summer hair tips are so easy to implement into any beauty regimen! In addition, Dusty recommends using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, his Kronos Hydresse line is amazing, to reduce chlorine and sun damage. It’s also very important to give your hair an intense treatment at least twice a month to correct any damage.


Another awesome and easy summer hair tip is to spray Kronos Liquid Theory onto hair after ever tip in the pool or before a day in the sun to protect from sun and color damage; additionally, it helps control frizz, conditions and enhances shine!  There’s no reason not to be using it!

Hope these hair tips help you and your mane have a gorgeous summer! Watch celebrity hairstylist Dusty’s video to learn all his tips and find out how to win all of these Kronos products below!                 


Watch Dusty talk about all his tips for perfect summer hair and tell us your favorite outdoor summer activity in the comments below for a chance to win Dusty’s must-have summer hair care products from Kronos. 3 lucky winners will receive Kronos’ Liquid Theory, Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque and Hydrating Cleansing Treatment & Conditioner Duo ($220 value!)  Hurry! Giveaway ends May 24!**


 Congrats to our winners of the Kronos Giveaway!

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Please be sure to check your emails for info on how to claim your prize.
**3 winners will be chosen at random. Post a comment and tell us your favorite outdoor summer activity. Giveaway starts on 5/17/11 and ends 5/24/11 at 11:59pm PST. The winner will be announced during the time of 5/25/11-6/25/11. If any winners do not reply within 5 business days of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.**

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  1. Erika B.

    I absolutely LOVE hiking in the early morning with my family. It is so peaceful and serene!!!! Very therapeutic too! LOVE IT!

  2. Amy A

    Boating in Flourda is pretty much a year round activity and we LIoVE it!! It can just be a killer on my hair. Any help would be great!!

  3. Catherine C.

    My favorite outdoor summer activity is going to the beach on vacation with the top down on my convertible!

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    Picnicing in the backyard in the summer air

  5. Asia Clayborne

    I love bike riding in the park. The summer is the perfect time to get out in the park and go for a ride while the wind blows through hair. The scenery is lovely and not to mention you can get a pretty good workout while enjoying the summer breeze!

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