How to Shape Your Brows According to Your Facial Shape

At Billion Dollar Brows, we believe there are a few simple rules that will help you shape a fabulous pair of brows.  One handy rule concerns your facial shape.  The rule of thumb is that however your face is shaped, you want the OPPOSITE in your eyebrows.

Once you’ve determined your facial shape according to the examples below, all you need is our Brow Buddy Shaping Kit to help you find exactly where your brows should start, arch and end and a reliable pair of tweezers to create an amazing pair of brows.

Here are examples of five of the most common facial shapes.


If you have a long facial shape…

 If you have a long face, you should aim for horizontal eyebrows to visually shorten your face. The arch should be understated and the beginning and end of the eyebrow should be at the same level. Think of Liv Tyler as your celebrity muse; her flatter eyebrows balance her long face perfectly.

If your face is oval shaped…

If your face is oval-shaped, your eyebrows should have a moderate arch. As with all longer face types, the beginning and end of the brow should be on the same level. Charlize Theron does a fantastic job of maximizing the impact of her beauty with well-balanced brows.

If your face has a round shape…

If you have a round face, you can visually elongate it with eyebrows that have a significant arch. A good arch will make your face appear well-balanced and the look will be enhanced if the end of the eyebrow is a little bit higher than the beginning. Think of Beyonce’s round face and how she elongates it with her beautifully arched brows.

If you have a square facial shape…

If you have a square face, aim for the same sort of elongation. Like round faces, square faces are roughly the same length vertically and horizontally and a great set of well-arched eye- brows like Olivia Wilde’s can help you achieve perfect balance.

If you have a heart shaped face…

Those with heart-shaped faces can minimize the appearance of their strong jaw lines with thicker, bolder eyebrows. Brows should not be too thin because the wider jaw line can overpower the face. Eyebrows should be slightly thicker to provide perfect balance. The beginning and end of the eyebrow should be on the same level
 to perfect the look. Scarlett Johansson always looks amazing with her well-shaped but thicker eyebrows.

Excerpt taken from The Plain Truth About Brows.

About Author

natalie book cover no printingNatalie Plain is the CEO and Co-Founder of Billion Dollar Brows.  A brow junkie, she has always been obsessed with her brows, forcing her Mom to drive her up to Beverly Hills from Orange County as a teenager to get her eyebrows shaped.  Drawing upon her obsession with grooming her eyebrows, Plain conceived Billion Dollar Brows in 2004 after she discovered a dearth in the marketplace for a cosmetic line that solely focused on eyebrows. Launching online with BDB’s hero product, Brow Boost, a conditioning treatment that helps restore thin, over-tweezed eyebrows, Plain quickly grew the line to include gels, powders, pencils, and tools — all solely designed for eyebrows.

A frequent contributor to NBC 4 Los Angeles, Plain owns a patent for her invention, the Brow Buddy Shaping Tool, and has appeared on Extra, Martha Stewart Radio and even the Adam Carolla Show, where she supervised the first-ever waxing of the comedian’s infamous unibrow.

Plain and her husband Bob live in Southern California with their two children.

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