I Hate The Gym But Not For The Reasons That You Do.

See this? Not cute.

As most of the United States has pledged to “get fit” or to “lose weight” for their new year’s resolutions, my disdain for going to the gym grows to a ridiculous level. Only because the crowds (I hate a crowded gym) will slowly dissipate over the next month or two only to leave the survivors that visit the gym on a regular basis and I’ll still be there hating life on my lunch break. I’m not one of the people that actually enjoys it once I’m there. Oh no. Going to the gym, changing into gym clothes, being at the gym, the work outs—I hate it all. I’d rather get a Brazilian wax. In fact, I can think of a thousand excuses and other things to do than go to the gym on any given day. Truth is, I have reason why I dislike the gym so much. Two words. Facial blushing.

You see, I’ve had to deal with a little something called hyperhidrosis all my life. Facial blushing just so happens to be bff’s with hyperhidrosis. YAY. Depending on how difficult my workout is, my face can take HOURS for the redness to go away, which can be really embarrassing in an office environment, especially at a skin care & beauty company. No, it’s not like rosacea either. According to the site above, my glowing red face will develop quickly but fade slowly. It’s not possible to control or stop it voluntarily, so it’s really unpredictable just like me. (That Trader Joe’s checker making a cucumber joke – forgettaboutit – red face ON.)

Doctors tell me I’ll just have to deal with it or not work out on my lunch break anymore. Challenge accepted Dr. Kevorkian. I happen have thousands of skin care and rosacea products at my disposal, so let’s give it a go shall we? I’ve tried all of the below “treatments” after a grueling work out and sauna sesh and waltzed right back into work.

Test #1 – Cold compress for 5-10 minutes

I might have taken ‘cold compress’ out of context. Instead of just a cool towel, I opted for an icy one which was a mistake on both fronts. Instead of alleviating my redness, it partnered up with the cold weather and chapped my skin even more. First test = F

Test#2 – Capillary Calming Serum by MyChelle Dermaceuticals

I’ve had this serum on hand for some time for post-application help with stimulating masks on my clients or after experimental product days and I love it. I can go from blazing red to just peachy in about 15 minutes with this one. Although the serum can be a little sticky after applying, the A- Is well deserved.

Test #3 – Cold Aloe Mask

This one can be found in any drug store throughout the year and is a “cooling soothing gel” from nature’s miracle plant of the ages: Aloe Vera. Pure. No color added and doesn’t contain alcohol. I put this in the fridge long before using it and heed to this trick for sunburns. I applied this to my face for about 10 minutes. Once you get used to the tackiness of the gel, you’re golden. It did help calm down the redness on my forehead, however my cheeks were still aglow and my skin not as dry. I’ll give this a C+.

Test #4 – Skyn ICELAND’s Artic Hydrating Balm

I really liked this moisturizer and it definitely did cut down the time that my face was red in about half. However, in these colder days I found myself applying another moisturizer shortly after using this one. I’ll be saving this for the warmer days that are right around the corner where less hydration is needed. Johnny, put down a B for the balm.

Recap – no matter what, yes facial blushing will be present. But thanks to a few good beauty items we can try and almost succeed in escaping the wrath of the red.

P.S. facial blushing ‘apparently causes enormous social ramifications limiting one’s ability to succeed in life. These people become self-conscious and develop low self-esteem. In severe cases, facial blushing may cause social anxiety syndrome, social phobias, and depression or drug dependency.’

…………………………………. Does this mean I can get a handicapped parking spot?

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  1. Jennifer Spears

    I have the same red-faced reaction to working out! It is soooo embarrassing. My dermatologist told me that it is more common in people with allergies…and I have terrible allergies. I feel your pain:(

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