I Survived Day One of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Hi everyone! I told myself (and uh, my boss) that I’d post a blog every day I’m in NYC for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week to recap the experience. Well, what a day today was! Five shows—one of which, I had backstage access to see the hair and makeup as it was being created (thanks, Aveda and MAC!). Oh, and I spotted Anna Wintour at that show too—sunglasses and all. Living in LA I see famous people all the time; I can’t honestly think of many who have excited me even as remotely as much. I mean, she’s POWERFUL. I don’t know what else to say about her that won’t make me come off as a blithering idiot. I’m running on like zero sleep as it is and after a jam-packed day of running all over town, I met up with an old LA friend on the lower east side for dinner. It’s now 1 am here; I have to be somewhere tomorrow at 9 am so I need to be up pretty earlly. So yeah … I’ll sleep when I’m dead I guess.

heather lawton fall 2013

heather lawton fall 2013

Anyway. How about 5 amazing moments from my day today, huh? Okay. Done. I’m going to sound like a dork in certain instances here; prepare thyself.

1. Watching the hair and makeup backstage at Kimberly Ovitz. Never heard of her? Well, Anna Wintour went to her show today, okay? And Anna Wintour doesn’t just like, go to every show. She has people for that. Something tells me Kimberly Ovitz could be the next Alexander Wang. And not just because of the prestige of the crowd. Her designs are stunning.

2. Getting upgraded to a second row seat at Nicholas K and being shaken (in a good way) by the soundtrack.

3. Witnessing the mayhem at the BCBG Max Azria show. For this one, I—along with like, 300 other people—had to stand. (The theatre at Lincoln Center is massive.) The designs were gorgeous and the models looked classically pretty in a clean, Parisian sort of way. I am all about all the grunge-y stuff that’s going on in the fashion world right now, mostly because I hate washing my hair and love looking disheveled. But pretty-girl pretty is always a good thing. Right?

4. The models at Heather Lawton’s presentation—I would have worn every single look I saw at this one.

5. Gawking at the crazy fashionistas who had it in them to come out today—in 30 degree weather—wearing open toed shoes, shorts, and other odd choices for the season. Of course we all want to look cute. But I walked at least 30 street blocks today when all’s said and done, and frankly I’m tempted to wear today’s outfit for the duration of my stay, because I was warm and comfortable and some girls in the elevator told me I look amazing. Thanks girls, I’ll take that happily, and I’ll keep on wearing my motorcycle boots. Probably. Maybe. At least while it snows.

(It’s going to snow a lot tomorrow. A foot. I’m from LA; obviously I’m terrified.)

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