In Defense of Lady Gaga’s Fame Perfume

By Jenna

So when I heard about Lady Gaga coming out with a new perfume that would smell like ‘blood, semen and urine’ part of me cringed and part of me squealed with excitement. I’m not someone who is fascinated by Lady Gaga, but I am always curious about a spray-able scent that’s different. Being entirely sick of the rosy, uber-flower garden, candy shop sweet scents of the same perfumes that you find in department stores that are 1 tiny note detail away from last year’s ‘special edition’, I’m hoping Mother Monster is on to something. Lady Gaga’s Fame might be the eye opener to turn your ‘Eau de Whatever’ days around.

Call it boredom with fragrances if you will, I call it a quest to find wearable smells that encompass experiences and stimulate my senses enough to make my daily life better. That’s what it’s supposed to be all about! That dab or spray on your skin is an extension of yourself and anyone is lucky that comes close enough to get a whiff. Lady Gaga is simply sharing an extension of herself with her little monster fans. I commend her for it. She’s passionate about her essence and yearns to connect with her fans in her own peculiar way. So what if it’s meant to take you to the after feeling of sex and something sort of primal? Don’t panic. There is actually no blood or semen in that black bottle. It’s a mix of ‘tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot, saffron and honey drops’.

Put on your big girl panties and branch out and challenge your senses. That’s the message here. You love the smell of gasoline right? Wear it. Chances are a lot of people love it too. Stepping outside of the stank box is easy and invigorating. Among all the wonderful memories a non-traditional scent can provide, it can be a conversation piece. Why did you buy that perfume? Because Vogue told you to, or because it reminded you of your first magical bite of angel food cake?

I have two favorite perfumes right now. One that smells just like Coppertone Sunblock that reminds me of a sunny day on the beach without all the coconut frills. And guess what? I get great comments on it ALL THE TIME. The other amazing scent is called Thunderstorm from Demeter Fragrance Library and it’s like poetry. It’s the smell of a storm and pavement on a humid summer day and it makes me SO happy.

Next time you’re in the market for something smelly, don’t go for the one that suffocates everyone in the same elevator as you-you love it so who cares right? YOU should care. Now start exploring here.

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