It’s Just Hair, Right?


Admit it: you’re totally obsessed with the color of your hair. Who isn’t? I mean, it’s a pretty easy way to display that inner voice of self-expression that is screaming to get out. And isn’t it important to maintain the mop? Regardless of whether you’re a natural brunette who is truly a redhead at heart, or you would go to the grave to convince everyone around you that your hair is as towhead blonde as the day you were born, hair is hair, and we’re all obsessed.

Sandy blonde grow-out, occasional highlights and some strategically placed balayage pieces have kept me quite content for some time with my own hair. What can I say? I’m loyal to my colorist. At least that’s what I thought, until one fateful day. In less than two hours, I successfully turned myself into the blue-haired punk rocker I never thought I was. Why, you ask? I have no idea. It was my all-time hair impulse, and I’m here to tell you to GO FOR IT, even if your hard working hair stylist does threaten to disown you (dear Morgan, this is my official apology for all those hours of folding foils).

My plan (or lack thereof) of action was a semi-permanent, electric blue-hue, which faded slowly and never actually came all the way out (hence, the shameful visit to Morgan two months later). I loved every second of my short-lived punk rock alter ego split decision, but if I haven’t convinced you fully, you can totally try something less permanent! I suggest Streekers Hot Colors for Cool Hair Color Wand  which washes out as soon as you shampoo. It comes in eight vibrant shades for you to experiment with, and why not get them all and parade the rainbow like my favorite model of the moment Chloe Norgaard. Whether you’re the queen of consistency, or miss antsy-pants, color is fun and a conversation topic, so why not get out of your comfort zone and try something new? Don’t panic, it IS just hair after all.


To get in the mood while you’re testing your new look, rock out to some of my favorite tunes:

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