Kardashian DIY

When it comes to the Kardashians I feel we’ve almost heard and seen everything. Far too much information most of the time, outrageous displays of wealth, and partial nudity which just leaves us wanting more of someone who became famous purely for that very reason—argue between yourselves if you believe it was all a deliberate ploy from cash hungry Kris.

We’ve literally seen the birth of a Kourtney’s two children Mason and Penelope, and now Kim’s baby bump is growing by the day. Despite the imminent birth of her first child though, it seems as though Kim is still a little hesitant when it comes to the idea of breast milk. But as we learned, not so hesitant that she won’t rub it on her psoriasis-prone skin!

If you didn’t see last Sundays episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami”, then you missed something quite comical, and maybe the beginning of a new beauty trend?

After her psoriasis flared up again, Kim took to the trusty Internet to find a quick fix. Among the list of solutions was good old fashioned breast milk. Lucky for Kim, new Mom Kourtney was close by to lend her assistance. In typical Kardashian/reality style, this process took a surprising route, with Kourtney going the direct approach, leaning over Kim and squirting her breast milk directly to the desired area.

Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for your child, it’s not surprising the natural substance can act as a home remedy. It provides your baby with necessary antibodies to fight off infection, and it CAN also work to kill off bacteria and viruses when applied topically to problem areas.

So there you have it, it wasn’t such a ridiculous idea after all, despite the unconventional execution. But could this be the remedy to save sufferers $$$? Maybe a new freelance gig on Craigslist?   


It’s a solid bond when you’re getting breast milk squirted on your shin.

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