Last Minute Holiday Gifts

The most exciting time of the year is finally upon us! Many of us have started holiday gift shopping months in advance. Others have been waiting until the absolute very last minute to get our loved ones the gifts they deserve. Don’t worry, I am in the exact same boat when it comes to buying gifts later than usual no matter what the occasion. I get stressed, nervous and even a little bit anxious. I may have over-exaggerated a bit about the anxiety part, but hey, I’m human. With today being the 21st and Christmas Eve literally three days away, I’ve put together a list of great gifts I think are great for everyone’s list. So let us begin our holiday gift shopping adventure together.

For the family and relatives: a lot of us have siblings that are in there pre-teens going into their teen years. Dermalogica has 30-day kits that are a great way to introduce these newbies into a proper skincare regimen. They range from $35.00-$40.00 and have kits to go with specific skin types. Trust me they will thank you for helping them out with the blemishes that tend to show up at the very worst time.

For the man in your life who just isn’t into all of the grooming products, Jack Black is the way to go. The packaging is so masculine it speaks to all men. They won’t feel awkward about using the Daily Facial Cleanser or the Beard Lube everyday while they get ready for work or school. Just make sure the guy really has facial hair to use it, if not that would be super awkward as a gift.

For the special lady in your life, owning the BEST hairbrush ever to perfect those lovely locks that you love so much is top priority. Mason Pearson is the way to go. Now you may think this is pricey but have you ever heard, ‘Once you buy a Mason Pearson brush it is with you for the rest of your life.’ That sounds like a fabulous investment to me. Hope I’ve hinted to my significant other what I will be expecting for Christmas. Haha!

For your mother and grandmother: Moms always need some extra tender loving care. They always go above and beyond, and need that little lift too. With that said, Guinot has this amazing serum, their Serum Longue Vie Youth Renewing Serum. This serum is going to instantly lift, firm and moisturize the skin, leaving it with a more youthful appearance. It has a little bit of everything that moms need to keep that radiant glow while constantly staying on a level of 100%.

For your one aunt to your bazillion of aunts, you can never go wrong with candles. Recently we have featured these in a video with other great gift ideas so I had to re-mention this. Dayna Decker candles are amazing! The candles are made with a natural wax blend and an EcoWood wick with amazing aromas when lit. A really great feature about the candle is that when lit, it displays a ”teardrop” shaped flame and you can hear the sound of crackling wood. That just sounds so relaxing by a lit fire drinking hot chocolate. Ugh, I want one for myself! Check out our video HERE to see more about Dayna Decker and other great holiday gift ideas!

For your father and grandfather, men love to shave! Well I don’t know if they love it but many have it as part of their daily routine. eShave has wonderful shave kits that include pre-shave oil, shave cream, after shave and a razor. The kits feature travel size items and a full size razor. I love this! For only $42.50, I have to say that is a steal! eShave will leave his face with the closest shave he has ever had and the products are so hydrating you will never want to take your hands off of his chiseled facial features.


Last but not least, babies!! With everyone in the world popping out babies now days we can’t forget these beautiful beings. The products by Zodiac Baby are too cute to not talk about. I love it because it is personalized by scent that goes along with the baby’s zodiac sign! LOVE IT!! With Christmas being all about giving and personalization. This is an adorable gift to give. I honestly just want the Sagittarius lotion for myself.

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