Late Spring Soul Reminder

By Jessica Durivage from Zents

Spring offers us the opportunity to see the world around us wake up, literally.  The days begin to get longer as if the universe was actually requesting us to make the most out of the light that we are so freely given.  Spring is an amazing time to leave the cocoon behind, spread your wings and soar into the endless possibilities that are innately you.  In other words, spring cleaning does not necessarily have to mean cleaning the basements and closets of your home.  It can also mean preparing a rejuvenating cleansing of your spirit, through mindful and thoughtful rituals, and sacred time – just for you.


Restore your body – With the warm weather, also comes the opportunity to find fresh fruits and vegetables at your local farmers markets.  It is also a wonderful time to plan a body cleanse – in whatever that looks like for you.  Maybe you want to give up coffee for a day, a week or even a whole month!  Some of us here at Zents plan a seasonal 3-week cleanse.  We all start and end together, and that definitely helps to have a group of individuals with who can support you and the best is that you can take turns cooking!  The cleanse we participate in is from the Feel Good Guru who offers full meal plans for every season of the year.

Restore your mind – Take small breaks during your work day to refresh and reboot your brain.  We can get so wrapped up with our to-do lists and mastering the art of multi-tasking that we forget that a short five, ten or fifteen minute break where you walk outside for sunshine and fresh air just might make you more clear and focused through the rest of your day.  Here at Zents, from 2:15-2:30 each day, we are offered a wellness break to do just that.  I will be honest, sometime when it gets busy, it tends to be the very first thing we skip or overlook.  As a company, we are making a stronger commitment to support one another and ourselves to be the best we can be.

Restore your spirit – As Janet Jackson said, “What have you done for me lately?”  When is the last time you asked yourself this question?  “Me” is the first one to get lost in the shuffle, while we are taking care of everything and everyone else.  We live in a busy world and truth be told, we can’t do it all. Sometimes, our wants and our dreams get laid by the wayside.  It is important, as we move through this journey called life, that we take time to listen to our spirit, the highest Divine guidance we can offer ourselves.  Here is a short exercise that may assist you in connecting with the inner light that dwells in us all.

–          Allow yourself 15 minutes of a quiet, uninterrupted time, where there will be no distractions.

–         Lighting a candle and having a cup of tea are optional, but both of these things, however small, can be very healing when done with the intention that you are doing it to take care of yourself.

–          Have a pad and a piece of paper available.  Write at the top of the piece of paper: How can I serve my spirit?

–          Get comfortable, close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out.  Now, breath in and out again – but this time, really feel your breath as it moves in and out of your body.  Notice the parts of your body that rise and fall, experience your breath in a new and different way.  You are alive. Your body breathes for you all day and all night.

–          Begin to cultivate a sense of gratitude in your breath. Allow anything and anyone you are grateful for to come into your mind.  See them filled with white light and feel yourself filled with gratitude.  As you exhale, let them go.

–          Bring some awareness to your heart center and ask yourself this question:  How can I serve my spirit?  You may need to ask several times before answers begin to come, and that is ok.  Be patient and keep breathing gratitude in and out of our body.  When ideas and/or thoughts begin to come into your mind start writing them down. They may come in full sentences or in one or two words.

–          Allow yourself to write for as long as your deepest desires and dreams on how you can serve your Highest Self are flowing through you.

–          Every time you write something down, imagine yourself actually doing it.  If going on a Yoga Retreat is something that comes up for you, when you write it down, see yourself there at the retreat.  Even feel the feelings you think you will feel while you are there.  If going for a daily walk is something that will feed your spirit, feel the wind on your face and feel your body getting strong.

–          When you are done writing, simply close your eyes and once again, cultivate a feeling of gratitude – remember that all of the choices you have made and all of the people, places and things in your life have offered you the opportunity to be exactly where you are in this very moment.

–          Take a look at your list and pick one or two things that you want to do this spring.  Continue to see yourself as taking care of your spirit, with each day.  Put your list in an area where you will see it every day and use it as inspiration to remind yourself of the perfection that you are!  You already are all these things, they are inside you.  Never forget that!

Whether in a business suit, on a yoga mat or a meditation cushion, Jessica will follow her Dharma to the ends of the earth and work to bridge the gap with the world and the light that dwells within each being.  Grateful for the wealth of experiences, teachers and mentors who have guided her along her path as a yogi, a healer, a business woman, a non-profiteer and an improv comedian; she cultivates mindful, savvy and innovative approaches to make the world a better place each day and lead with compassion, from the heart (and trying not to take herself too seriously). Jessica works as the VP of Sales and Education for Zents Body Care and is based in Denver, Colorado.  She is also the founder and owner of Where is My Guru – an ever evolving work of life that encompasses writing, art, community, leadership, consulting and a weekly radio show where you can find her contemplating the life we live in the world while always reaching for the highest potential within.  




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  1. Jodi

    Beautiful post! Such a great reminder of the little things that can make us all feel good.

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