Latisse Alternatives: Get Full Lengthy Lashes Without the Prescription

hello-lashes-by-loreniaLatisse, the first prescription treatment that makes your “eyelashes longer, fuller, and darker” .  The FDA has approved this treatment for sales when prescribed by a doctor. Many people are jumping at the opportunity to use this beauty-break-thorough, while others remain a bit more hesitant. It seems scary to use a prescription strength product anywhere near your eyes, but in the face of doubt the products possible side effects are the cause for most concern.  Are longer, fuller, darker lashes worth the risk of redness, itching and irrigation? How about hyper pigmentation around your eyes?  What about side effects that we don’t know of, are there any long term repercussions to using such a product?

For those of you who just aren’t ready to jump over that edge we found 5 other alternatives to the luscious lashes you’ve always wanted.

–    Cost: $100-150 per bottle, you will need up to three bottles for initial application
–    How long does it last?: A bottle lasts 45 days
–    Best Results After: 3 Months for best results
–    Upkeep: 2-3 times a week after first 3 months.

Eyelash Extension
This semi-permanent solution is perfect for those looking for immediate results. You can go to a salon and have a professional do them or, if you are up for the challenge, you can buy a kit and do them at home.

–    Cost: $300 for a full set and $70 for touch ups
–    How long does it last?: 6-8 Weeks
–    Best Results After: Immediate
–    Upkeep: Touch up or new set every 6-8 weeks

Home Kit
–    Cost: $50
–    How long does it last?:  2 weeks
–    Best Results After:  Immediate
–    Upkeep: Touch up as needed and new set every two weeks

The Perfect Mascara
If any mascara can do the trick it’s Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes Mascara. This mascara offers all the qualities of great lashes in one bottle. Use it as desired for the full, long, and thick lashes you deserve.
–    Cost: $18
–    How long does it last?:  Until it is washed off.
–    Best Results After:  Immediate
–    Upkeep:  Daily Application

Non-prescription Eyelash Conditioner
In the case of eyelash conditioners there isn’t any shortage of options. It can be difficult to find one that really does the trick. We have found two that come with good reviews from those who have used them.

Rapid Lash
–    Cost: $50
–    How long does it last?:  6-8 Weeks
–    Best Results After: 3-4 weeks
–    Upkeep:  2-3 times a week after  the initial 3-4 weeks

–    Cost: $150
–    How long does it last?: One bottle last 6 months
–    Best Results After:  8-10 weeks
–    Upkeep: 2-3 times a week after first 8-10 weeks

Eyelash Tinting
It may be the case that your lashes are just where you want them to be in terms of length and volume, but are they are as dark as you would like? For those of you who just need to add some color, lash tinting seems to be the perfect solution.

–    Cost: $10-25
–    How long does it last?: 4-6 weeks
–    Best Results After:  Immediate
–    Upkeep:  Every 4-6 weeks

Eyeliner Tattoo
For those who may have the length but need color and definition around your eyes, look no further, cosmetic tattoos provide a one-time solution:  Eyeliner tattoos.

–    Cost: $250-700, varies depending on the prices of the person offering the service
–    How long does it last?: Forever, its permanent
–    Best Results After: Immediate
–    Upkeep: Based on individual preferences. Some people like to touch up the tattoos after years of exposure, but this is not required.

30 Responses to “Latisse Alternatives: Get Full Lengthy Lashes Without the Prescription”

  1. Nipchick

    Hi, Lumigan (forerunner of Latisse and identical in formulation = 0.03% bimatoprost, plus inactives) is being used by many of us (myself included) with the same results as Latisse.

    We get it without prescription from Alldaychemist (online pharmacy) for approx. $12 a 3ml vial. Shipping is high at $24 worldwide regardless of size of order, so order more things (retin A is very cheap for example) or maybe share shipping with a friend.

    Anyway, good luck to all who seek long, lush lashes!

  2. cari

    I don’t know how the other poster got the lumigan or generic version they mention from the online pharmacy they mentioned alldaychemist) I tried and they clearly state you have to either fax or email the prescription.

  3. MichaellaS

    tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

  4. Linda

    I’m interested in trying Latisse from Alldaychemist but apprehensive about an offshore pharmacy. Anyone, good/ bad experience with the Latisse generic??

  5. Stephanie Wright

    I personally would be a little apprehensive about that. Not sure if there is any base behind it though. Have you tried any other “non prescription” lash conditioners?

  6. Lois Jessie

    I don’t know about the online pharmacies in order to purchase Latisse, but I just cam back from Los Algodones ,Mexico(purple pharmacy) yes, that is what it is called. Anyway, I asked for Latisse & I was given Lumigan. Cost $29.20 for same size (3ml.) & same ingredients as Latisse.Bimatopost solution 0.03%& same inert ingredients. I will be starting it today & let you know how it turns out. Use per directions for Latisse.

  7. Tori

    If you have permanent eyeliner can you use these products for eyelash lengthening without any issues other than the ones already listed? Thank you.

  8. Julie

    If anyone else finds somewhere to buy the bimatroprost and/or has any good luck w/ it, please let the rest of us know:-)

  9. Amy VanHemel

    I have been using Latisse since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, and I’m only on my 2nd bottle it is fabulous, but I have discovered if you won’t use the applicators that come with it and just put a drop on your finger and rub on each eye a bottle will last 2 months, the applicators seem to absorb too much of the liquid!

  10. penelope allingham

    Thanks Nipchick for sharing the info about Alldaychemist! Have just ordered Lumigen (no prescription and no problem) Have heard good things about Lumigen which is the exactly the same formular as Latisse. Have tried Latisse which really worked but so expensive, will give an update when (if?) I receive and try my order from Allday.

  11. simon

    my wife & I are using generic latisse ( Bimataprost) with great success. We buy it for around GB£16 per small bottle inc postage from
    they ship worldwide & have used them many times for other products. there is no need for any prescriptions & no legal issues if this is for your own use.
    they do not supply narcotic drugs.

  12. amy

    i am using latisse for the last two months. it has shown results. i got it without prescription from postalmed . my eye lashes were really small and i always wished for longer ones. i am happy now..

  13. Stephanie Wright

    Glad to hear it Amy. Its always nice to get the results you were looking for!!! Good luck with the rest of your beauty pursuits.

  14. penelope allingham

    An update from my May 15th comment:
    I highly recommend ‘Alldaychemist’ They were very helpful and responsive to some queries I had.
    Shippment arrived quickly and I’m now using Lumigan (forerunner of Latisse and identical in formulation = 0.03% bimatoprost, plus inactives)at $10.00 for 3mls!

  15. Chicago Eyelashes

    I’ve actually heard a lot of good things about Latisse. I’ve worked in some Medical Spas where some physicians swear by it. It takes a few weeks for it to work, but it does show some good results. I don’t know about buying anything off shore, but if it’s real, then it might be worth it.

  16. penelope allingham

    Update: 15 days of using the $10.00 Lumigan (lattise) from Indian pharmacy and see a significant improvement in my eyebrows! Not sure yet about the eyelashes but was not expecting much after a couple of weeks use. Will update after 6-8 weeks.

  17. peg

    I’ve had eyelash extensions for 4 months now and as a result, have NO natural lashes left. It’s horrible. Any new natural lashes that are growing in are frail, thin, and tiny. I wish I never got eyelash extensions. When I first had them applied she was able to put over 100 on each lid. Now, 4 months later, she can barely get 20 on each side (because I don’t have anything to put them onto). I had to see a dermatologist and now I’ve been told to start Latisse. Was also told my natural lashes “may never grow back”. Never, ever, ever get eyelash extensions. It’s horrible. I hope Latisse works for me as much as it has for all of you.

  18. Jennifer Lalonde

    I have been using Latisse for two months now and have had amazing results! Unfortunately, there has been a nasty side effect. I have developed post inflammatory hypopigmentation spots all over my upper body. Shoulders, upper arms, back and central pec area have been affected. Upon my research, I have found that this is a possiblitly. :( …looking for a natural alternative.

  19. Annie

    I just received my first bottle from a dermatologist today. $99. for 1st bottle plus visit. I wish I found this website before. :(
    Jennifer, curious to know what your doctor says of the Hyperpigmentation? I have this problem from sun damage and this is hereditary in my family. I would hate to have Latisse escalate this problem. I will post again in 30-days to report any affects.

  20. cee

    *correction: Lumigan* is no longer sold at Alldaychemist.

  21. paula

    I have used both Latisse and Lumigan with good results and no side effects. The applicator brushes are a joke…poor quality and they waste the product. Here is the best way to apply without waste:

    Get a good quality natural fiber brush like a sable lipstick brush, or even a slim paint brush from a craft store. Drop a single drop of the product into to “dimpled” indentation on the cap of the product. Dip the brush in the product, then apply. You should have enough to do both eyes with the one drop!

  22. Anita

    I have been using Latisse for 5 months and it doe work great but it makes the are around my eyelash line dark red. It makes me look tired and it is difficult to cover. I had to quit using it because it was getting so irritated. Has anyone else had this problem and is there anything that can be done to prevent the redness?


  23. elizabeth Richardson

    Please make sure you all are having a doctor check your eyes from time to time as you use Latisse or the generics. I used Latisse with good results as far as eyelash growth for a year and a half. I had my eyes checked beforehand and they were perfectly clear and healthy in 2009. At my very next checkup in 2011, I had full blown cataracts in both eyes and will be having surgery next month. Cataracts are usually very slow growing, so don’t know what’s up with this. Just be careful please.

  24. Jesus

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  26. Annie

    I decided to try eyelash extensions because my doctor is reluctant to perscribe Latisse for cosmetic reasons–as there are side effects that should not be dismissed. Eyelash extensions were very bad for me. I’ve used them three times and now basically have no natural eyelashes left. However, I know several people who use them and seem to have no problems. I’ve used Latisse and have had very good results with no side effects so I’m going back to it.

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