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Live Q&A with Skyn ICELAND

BY guestblogger · December 13, 2013


Learn how you can revive and replenish chronically stressed skin by joining us on Facebook on Wednesday, December 18th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. PST. We’ll be hosting a live Q&A session with Sarah Kugelman, President and Founder of skyn ICELAND.

Like many of us, Sarah Kugelman has been trying to manage her stress for 25 years. But unlike many of us, in 1995 Sarah’s doctor told her that if she didn’t learn to de-compress, she would not to live to see her fortieth birthday. And to add insult to injury, Sarah’s stress was not only making her critically ill, but also wreaking havoc on her skin.

Sarah took a leave of absence from corporate life and spent the next 18 months researching the impacts of stress on skin so that she could create a line that would counteract them. While in the midst of the line’s developmental stages, Sarah traveled to Iceland where she was struck by the country’s purity, cleanliness, abundance of natural resources and immaculately complexioned inhabitants. Iceland presented the ideal landscape for stress-free living, and so skyn ICELAND, the only skin care line designed to treat the physiological effects of stress on skin, was born.

Not content to have skyn ICELAND just deal with surface issues, Sarah has made it a lifestyle brand that addresses beauty and health from the inside out. A key mission of the company is to inform and educate people on the causes, signs and effects of stress, while giving them tips on how to manage it.

So, don’t miss this FREE opportunity to get professional answers to all your burning skin care questions! Get valuable tips, and learn how you can directly target the effects of stress of your skin. What’s more, during the live Q&A, 3 winners will receive a skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask ($39 value). To join the Q&A and be considered for the giveaway, simply use hashtag #ICELAND when you post your questions on our Facebook wall.

*The content in this Q&A is for informational use only and does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship.  Consult your personal physician for any medical questions or concerns.

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