Loving the Shower for More Reasons Than One


I’ve been loving my shower times for more reasons than one lately, and the products of our friend Billy Jealousy are to blame. Consequently, I have a bone to pick with Billy Jealousy revolving my latest water bill that frankly I’d like them to pay. I do this out of love and appreciation, but at the same time deadly seriousness as with their amazing products, my shower times have sky rocketed. The Triple Crown Three-In-One Body Wash, Adrenaline Junkie Energizing Scrub, Fuzzy Logic Hair Strengthening Shampoo, and the Cashmere Coat Hair Strengthening Conditioner are all to blame for my bill being far, far and away from what it should be.

Okay, so everyone needs a scrub in their cleaning and grooming routines, and the Adrenaline Junkie Energizing Scrub is powerful for my skin. It has a deep tingle as you massage it into your face, so you can literally feel it scrubbing away and doing its job. A strong peppermint scent also helps soothe and wake up your face like no other. Then you’ve got the Triple Crown Three-In-One Body Wash, and normally I’m okay with using anything with a decent scent, but this is different. Billy Jealousy’s body wash is so ridiculously nice smelling, and coupled with moisturizing qualities that make you feel like you’re bathing in silk, you can begin to understand why I’m enjoying my shower time.

Then we move to the hair products, and when something says it will give me stronger and thicker hair, with the state of my hairline, I’m all over it. Now, like no other products I’ve seen, Billy Jealousy’s Hair Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated to block the formation of DHT, the male hormone that among other things contributes to balding later in life. With a blend of natural and scientifically proven ingredients, these products not only reduce the chances of hair loss, they promote a fuller and thicker head of hair. Add in a necessary double application of the shampoo and leaving the conditioner in for a few minutes, and you’ve got yourself an extended period of time under the shower nozzle.

So, Billy Jealousy, thank you for your products, they’re all of a high standard and will no doubt be re-stocked in my shower, but please, pay my water bill.

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