Lust-Worthy Halloween Lashes

source: Flikr User Melissa Gray

Are you still missing that one part of your Halloween costume that will make the guys drool and others envious of your stylish ways? Two words: False Eyelashes. This secret weapon instantly pulls your entire look together, giving you that extra ‘umph’ you needed. Here are 3 falsies that will transform your ordinary costume idea to extraordinary.

Fantastical Fairy

Pop Beauty’s Wonderland false eyelashes are completely to die for when wearing any fantasy-inspired look. The long hot pink feathers extending outwards, almost overlapping each other bring your surreal costume to life.

The Twiggy

These lookers are a must-have for Twiggy’s iconic mod look. A thick black line along your lid and drawn on lashes just don’t do it justice, opt for Pop Beauty’s Twiggy lashes to pull the entire outfit together.

Exotic Creature

Snatch up Pop Beauty’s Rhapsody lashes for the ultimate finishing touch on your imaginative creature-like costume.  Whether you’re going as the bird of paradise or a your own personal creation, these subtle, dramatic lashes will give others an excuse to take a second look.

Applying false lashes can be a bit tricky, so give yourself plenty of time for application. The lashes mentioned in each look are from Pop Beauty, which are one of the best false eyelashes you can go for this Halloween, they are affordable, great quality and can be reused for plenty of more adventurous nights.

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