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Luxury skin care: it can make you feel so great and empowered yet burn a serious hole in your pocket. For me, skin care is worth the temporary financial setback. Nothing feels more exhilarating than getting compliments on your skin! This brings me to the two star players of this blog post: Dermarose’s Swiss Rose Stem Cell Anti-Aging Face Cream & Eye Serum.

Dermarose’s Swiss Rose Stem Cell Anti-Aging Face Cream not only hydrates and protects against environmental stress but it also promotes cell growth! Do you want skin of a glowing goddess with many compliments throughout the day? This is your answer. Pure luxury in the palm of your hands and the radiance on your skin!

Dermarose’s Swiss Rose Stem Cell Anti-Aging Eye Serum is a potent anti-aging eye cream. I thought I was invincible up until this year. I could eat anything, sleep however many hours and still look flawless. Now it really shows if I ate the entire bag of chips or came home late from a night out. One thing that has been constant is that I don’t look as tired as I feel. This eye serum is a secret weapon to puffiness, dark circles, fine lines & wrinkles. I religiously apply this morning and night for beautifully young awake eyes!

What I’ve learned: do not take any shortcuts when it comes to your skin care. You work hard so you deserve to look and feel your best! Treat yourself to these two miracle workers!


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