Make Mother’s Day Memorable With Zents

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There isn’t a day that goes by that we shouldn’t be thanking our mothers for the gift of life, among other things. Mother’s Day is just another way to remind us to think about at least showing that appreciation for just one day. Even though a designated 24-hour period every year really is not enough, it can creep up on the best of us and sometimes we end up settling on gestures that don’t seem to take much thought. You know exactly what I’m talking about and we’ve all done it. Why make this Mother’s Day just like every other one? That’s where Zents comes in and trust me, it can help.

Zents is the brand to go to when you need more aroma in your life. This brand formulates its elite spa products with the finest essential oils and herbal extracts for body care and fragrance perfection. I love their selections because I can personally blend and select the perfect mix of body creams and perfume oils for anyone in need of an opulent gift.

Delving in luxury isn’t something that my mother aspires to do nor does she actually partake in it every day. It’s just not her style. She’s more of a sporty, fun loving, spontaneous woman with other things on her mind than material items. With 5 kids, a lifetime of accomplishments under her belt and exciting new challenges in front of her every day, her independence and drive is what defines her. For all the luxuries that she’s given us, she deserves to be pampered and doted on. She deserves to be whisked away by sweet yet subtle vanillas and pink grapefruits and polished with velvety emollients.

Sun from Zents is the perfect warm scent for her with top notes of French vanilla, heart notes of sweet blood orange and base notes of sandalwood and golden amber. Sun is for the mom who wants to spend more “me time” without visiting the spa. The body lotion is thick and hydrating without being oily or greasy, yet it ends with a powdery soft finish. The complement to the Attar Oil and the Body Lotion is the Shower and Hand wash. All of these are nutrient-rich and packed with antioxidants to inspire and renew balance within your skin. If you’re in need of a customized, thoughtful gift look no further-Zents is the brand to look to.

Why get mum something bland when you can wow her?

Want to win these SUN-SATIONAL scents from Zents? Here’s your chance! Just comment and tell us How your mother inspired you for a chance to win. 5 winners will be selected by 5/9 and will each win a SUN Shower and Hand wash, body lotion and Attar oil total value is $87!

Congrats to our 5 winners!

1.) Christy

2.) Miriam L.

3.) Elaine Velazquez

4.) Alexis Davis

5.) Jana Goldey

Winners check your emails for more info on how to claim your prizes.


25 Responses to “Make Mother’s Day Memorable With Zents”

  1. Terrie K.

    My mom had great endurance and patience. She did a lot with very little. Both of us got a great education and had a chance to attend cultural events because of my mom. She left us with a legacy that is enduring today.

  2. Pamela Tessmer

    My mom passed away when I was 17 but she had such an amazing sense of humor and view on life. She inspired me to as well. To find humor even the most upsetting of situations, and to not sweat the small stuff and the stuff we cannot change, but instead to find something, no matter how small, to smile about at least once a day.

  3. Leslie Contreras

    My mom has inspired me to always be kind to others & make a difference in others lives!

  4. Jennifer Wong

    We came to the U.S. over 30 years ago. Despite the fact that my mom didn’t understand English, she worked extremely hard (over 12 hours a day in sweat shops) to bring food on our table and to give us a more comfortable living. While my dad had a job, he did not work half as hard as my mom. My mom saved all the money that she made and bought us a house so that we could live in a decent environment. She hardly spends money on herself but she is always generous to people around her. She told us how important a good education would be and made us all go to college. I’ve never seen anyone as diligent as she is!

  5. jana goldey

    My mom inspires me in so many ways! She is the strongest and best women i know i am so lucky

  6. robin A.

    My Mom inspired me to try new things. She can do anything. She has taught herself to build cabinetry, fix things and can do amazing things in the garden.

  7. Karen Cogburn

    My mom is the epitome of grace & dignity. Shining example of a lady.

  8. Elaine Velazquez

    My mother inspired me to win this chance because she deserves the best. Sh is a hatd worke, and always tries to give me the best out of life. My mother is an amazing person, and eserves to be the happiest woman alive. If I win these wonderful prizes, they will be for her. If I dont win, I’m sure whoever wins, that person’s mother deserves them to. Thank you.

  9. Alexis Davis

    My mom was and still is my inspiration. She was an incredible mom and always my biggest supporter. And if she’d been given the chance, she would have been an amazing grandmother. But she was diagnosed with cancer just days after the birth of my son, her first grandchild. Six weeks later, she was gone. That was 7 years ago, but I still miss her everyday.

  10. Stephanie V.

    My mother inspired and taught me to be a strong, educated woman — like a the sun!

  11. Dayna Firchow

    My mother inspired me to be the mother i am today. She always told me to be a thankful and repectful honest caring person. She has ALWAYS be there for me in a time in need or just because. She is an incredible person.

  12. Donna K

    My mom taught me how to be a good mother. She was always there for us. This will be our first Mother’s Day without her.

  13. natasha mehta

    My mother inspires me with her positive outlook and always being selfless.

  14. Polina Butler

    My mom has always enjoyed luxurious bath products, so I think she will enjoy my winning this set.

  15. Eugenie

    Mom inspired me to treat others the way that I want to be treated.

  16. debra p

    My mom was a teacher and she always gave of herself. It didn’t matter if it was a kid that was acting out or that no one else tried to help. My mom taught me generosity of heart and spirit and that giving truly is the greatest gift. I try to honor her in my daily life by giving to others and sharing a smile. I know that my life has been impacted by the smallest gesture of kindness so why not give that to others?

  17. Gail Dixon

    My mother is 89 years old and going strong, but she has dry skin. I would love to win these items and give them to her before she turns 90 in Aug. We are planning a surprise birthday party for her. She has always inspired me to be the best person I can be. I’m taking her to 2 Mother’s Day Teas this weekend as she loves to socialize and dress up. Always the classy lady

  18. Edith D Thurman

    She inspired me to laugh! I love her laugh, we would laugh till we cried on the phone almost every time we talked. Thats one thing I miss the most!

  19. Chrissy Kim

    My mom came from S. Korea to Canada in her early 20s. She had nothing! She worked very hard, met my father, moved to NYC, opened up a deli and worked every single day. I was being taken care of by my aunt and sometimes I’d even go to the deli with my parents. She worked HARD. We moved to Long Island and my parents made enough money to own a 7-Eleven. Again, my mom worked every day, including holidays. She’s inspired me to work hard. I’ve never seen such a hardworking person in my life. She’s amazing. She’s strong. She’s my inspiration.

  20. Sarah miller

    My mom is my best friend. She is the one I turn too. Growing up with her as a single mother I had no idea the struggles she endured. She always had a smile in her face and always had tine for us. She inspires me everyday! Now 30… Having my own daughter- I strive to be half of what she was. I am a combat veteran and she proudly supported me through my deployments. She inspires me to be the best mom, partner, daughter, and neighbor than I can be. I don’t know what I would do without her!

  21. Miriam L.

    My mom is my role model. She had a tough life growing up, having been abandoned by her mom and early death of her dad. But still, she endured everything and achieved something in life on her own. She was diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer last October. Through her faith and determination, she overcame and the cancer is in remission. She lives a positive outlook in life despite every trials and her faith never wavered. I hope I have the same strength as my mom. Would love to win this for her as she is into skincare.

  22. Christy

    My mother is my saving grace and biggest inspiration. She told me when I was much younger to carry myself with GRACE and DIGNITY and to learn to love myself and be kind to myself and others and every thing else would fall into place. When I got older I watched my mother go through Breast Cancer, chemo, losing her hair and buying her first wig because of all the hair loss due to the chemo. Most people would probably have wanted to curl into a ball and cry. I know I would have but not her. She has an enormous amount of strength (she’s put up with me all these years so she must be made of and she never broke her stride, maybe slowed a little but continued to walk through it and today she’s a Breast Cancer Survivor, my hero, my angel and best of all…she’s my mom!!!

  23. Diane Miller

    My mother is deceased but she inspired me so much by her generosity,caring loving ways.She instilled in me show respect and love for everyone not just your family .Kindness will win ever everyone be patient mostof all treat evryone like you would liketo be treated.There is not a day that goes by that i dont think of my wonderful Mother

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