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Makeup How To: The Guide to Perfect Brows

Source: user victorydarling

Source: user victorydarling

Tweezing, threading or waxing; there are many ways to tame, shape and style the eyebrows. Sadly, none of them are particularly easy or enjoyable. Some people are comfortable in their brow shaping ways. Some, however, are confused, annoyed and overwhelmed by how demanding the eyebrows can be. In fact, eyebrow care is probably the most prevalent beauty tip you’ll find online or in health and beauty magazines. Instead of your basic step-by-step brow guide, my goal is to present to you your brow care options in the form of brow personalities. Whether you think you’re a Brow Naturalist, Brow Artist or Brow Diva, this makeup how to will help clarify the pros and cons of each brow styling personality.

First Things First
Before you begin plucking or running to the beauty salon, it is important that you learn the basic shape all brows should take, no matter how thick or thin you like your brows to be. Your brow should begin just above the inner corner of the eye, arch above the outer edge of the iris and end just after the outer corner of the eye.

To find these points, use a brow or liner pencil. Begin by holding the pencil vertically against the side of your nose to mark where the brow should begin. Then, without moving the pencil away from your nose, angle it so that it creates a straight line from your nose to the outside edge of the iris – this is where your arch should be. Finally, tilt the brush once more so that it reaches from your nose to the outside corner of the eye. The area where your brow and the pencil meet is where your brow should end. (If your brow ends before that point, extend the brow line with a pencil, brow powder or eyebrow extender formula.)

Brow Naturalist

This brow personality may seem to be the most labor intensive. Really, though, all it takes is practice and confidence. A Brow Naturalist likes to take the reins and get things done without outside help. A Brow Naturalist uses only the best beauty products as her tools – a pair of fantastic tweezers, small scissors, a colored eyebrow or eyeliner pencil, a spoolie brush, witch hazel pads and very steady hands. One thing a Brow Naturalist needs to remember is to do things in slow, small steps until the desired results are achieved. There’s nothing worse than being over-plucked! If this brow personality sounds right for you, just follow these easy steps to create perfectly groomed brows.
1) Purify the skin with a gentle face cleanser. Wipe the brow area with witch hazel pads to kill any bacteria and help prevent ingrown hairs.
2) Draw in your desired brow shape with a colored brow pencil, making sure to use a color that will stand out against your skin and hair. Bright blue or white are great color choices for this task.
3) Pluck following your drawn-on brow shape. Make sure to work slowly and check your work often to avoid over-plucking.
4) Comb the brows upward with your spoolie brush and carefully trim any hair that is especially lengthy.
5) Finish by swiping the area once more with a witch hazel pad.

Brow Artist

The Brow Artist, like the Brow Naturalist, prefers at-home brow styling to going to a professional. However, unlike the Brow Naturalist, the Brow Artist chooses to use a brow shaping kit or stencils to create the perfect arches. There are many kits available that include everything you need – tweezers, brow pencil, brow makeup powder, setting wax or gel, and even stencils for shaping the brows. With these easy-to-use kits, creating perfectly groomed brows is simple and affordable.

Brow Diva

The Brow Diva leaves it up to the professionals. She knows what she wants, and is willing to pay top dollar to have it done right. It is important for the Brow Diva to remember to choose a reputable beauty spa or salon when getting her brows threaded or waxed. Find a friend with great brows and ask her for a salon recommendation, or do your research online. There are many websites that allow users to rate and review spas and salons, allowing you to get inside information without fuss.


  1. JamesD
    Posted June 11, 2009 at 9:59 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  2. Leanna Kelly
    Posted June 11, 2009 at 11:23 am | Permalink

    You’re very welcome! I’m so glad you’re enjoying our blog.

  3. Elana levy
    Posted October 9, 2011 at 10:29 am | Permalink

    Everything you said is so true!! Do u know of any artists like yourself in Chicago, I turned into a ” brow” diva when I was away in school living in boca rating. A makeup/brow artist used to do my brows and they were amazing. I’m back in Chicago and haven’t been so lucky any suggestions other than the benefit brow bar?

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