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Source: user karen_d

Source: user karen_d

When I was about 11 years old, I read a book that inspired me to lead a more minimalistic lifestyle. I wanted to get rid of as much stuff as possible and limit myself to owning maybe 50 or so items, including all clothes, entertainment devices and, yes, beauty products. This phase lasted until I announced my plans to my mom, marched off to my room to begin purging myself of superfluous knick knacks, and realized that I really liked my stuff.

Although I didn’t become a minimalist that day, it did make me realize the importance of simplifying my life by keeping my belongings organized, especially things like skin care and makeup products. I simply hate when my dressing table or makeup bag gets so full of cosmetics that I can’t find or enjoy the fun products I’ve purchased! To remedy this type of situation, I came up with a few ways to organize my beauty care products that allow me to get the full benefit of each and every formulation.

By Product Type
Sorting by product type is perfect for those who use all or most of their makeup products every day. It keeps everything ready and available while making it easier to find certain products. As one who regularly uses only a handful of items from my full collection, sorting by product type is not my favorite way to stay organized, as everything is still out and about, making me feel cluttered. However, for some, it is the best way to take full advantage of their entire beauty cosmetic collection.

By Season
This organization style is wonderful if you enjoy creating a certain look to take you through an entire season. It also helps you “forget” about certain products or shades, making it extra fun to bring out the new season’s bag and rediscover all the great products that were previously hidden away!

By Occasion
Sorting by occasion is my absolute favorite way to organize my cosmetic products. I sort them into categories like Day, Evening, Date and Special Occasion. Then, I can just put the individual bags or storage containers away until I need them. This leaves my dressing table looking clean and elegant while keeping everything nearby for when I need it.

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