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Makeup Tips: Top Five Makeup Mistakes

The Top Five Makeup Mistakes

When it comes to crimes against makeup application, none are innocent. No matter how makeup-savvy one is, it is impossible to get by without at least one makeup mistake. Whether it’s over-doing the bronzer, or under-tweezing the brows, there is no such thing as perfectly perfect makeup application! Here’s a look at the top five makeup mistakes, and ways to avoid being caught red-handed.

5) Improper Blending

Proper blending can make or break your beauty makeup application. Blend too much and all definition is lost. Blend too little and you’re left with blobs of color all over your face. High-quality blending brushes make all the difference when it comes to blending. Investing in a large, fluffy powder brush for the entire face, and a smalEyeshadow_iStock_000012948085XSmalller, fluffy brush for the eye area will make blending a breeze.

Key blending areas are the eyes, cheeks, and jawline.
  • Eyeshadow colors should be blended so that they seem to graduate into one another, though you want to maintain the separation of dark and light shades.
  • Blush must be blended into foundation so that it appears as if your cheeks are being naturally colored from the inside out.
  • Foundation needs to be blended just under the jawline in order to prevent the Foundation Line of Despair. (Foundation should only be blended down onto the neck if the shade is drastically different from your natural skin tone, which brings us to mistake #4…)

4) Mismatched Foundation
I’m sure you’ve heard that most women are wearing the wrong bra size. Well, most women are also wearing the wrong foundation makeup shade! Matching your foundation to your natural skin tone is tricky business, but it is necessary if you want to create a natural-looking complexion.
The best way to find the correct makeup base shade is to get professional help. Find a store in your area that carries your favorite foundation and head in for a consultation. Well-trained makeup experts will know how to match your skin tone to a foundation, and some will even mix a custom blend for you!

3) Wrong Lip Shade
Darker-than-dark lipsticks or bubblegum-pink gloss may reel you in, but, unless you’re trying to make a fashion statement, steer clear of them! Dark lip shades without the skin tone to match can be extremely aging and somber, and super light shades can make you look washed out. If you absolutely love extreme lip shades, try sheer gloss versions instead of heavy lipsticks. Otherwise, try to find a shade that’s only one or two shades deeper than your natural lip color.

2) Blinding Radiance
Luminescent makeup cosmetics are in. Unfortunately, they’re so in that it’s sometimes difficult to find matte products! This results in a radiance-overload. Luminescent foundation, topped with shimmering blush or bronzer, accompanied by sparkling eyeshadow, finished off with glitter-laced lip gloss; it’s enough to make you look like a sparkly vampire! The key to radiance-promoting products is moderation and placement.
Great places for illumination include the the decollete, the cheekbones, and the inside corners of the eyes. Of course, it’s fine to use luminescent skin care makeup products elsewhere, but be sure to balance them with matte products to avoid the disco ball look.

1) Mascara Faux Pas
Ah, mascara, the queen of Makeup With Rules. Mascara is a fussy makeup product, but it’s an essential, so we have to deal with it. There are three main mascara faux pas: clumping, flaking, and smudging.
  1. Clumping occurs when too much mascara is applied, or a wet coat is applied over a dry coat. To remedy mascara clumping, choose a long-lasting, volumizing formula that provides extreme results without reapplication.
  2. There are two causes of flaky mascara: either your formula is too old, or it’s poorly made. If you’ve had the tube for a while before the flakiness begins, chances are you’re due for a new tube, even if you haven’t run out. (Mascara should be replaced every three months, no matter what!) If your new mascara is flaking, you may need to purchase a higher quality formulation.
  3. Non-waterproof mascara smudges. That’s all there is to it. If you apply mascara to your lower lashes, using a waterproof formula is the best way to avoid smudging. The downsides to using waterproof mascara include a higher chance of irritation, and more difficulty removing the product. Tubing mascara also provides smudge-free results with the added bonus of simple removal, though it is difficult to achieve volume using tubing
Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of how to avoid these mistakes, you’ll be able to better achieve a professional makeup look without the professional!


  1. Aslan
    Posted September 11, 2010 at 1:40 pm | Permalink

    Useful tips.:) I just started applying make up a couple of months ago and your blog has been a big help. Thanks

  2. Randi R
    Posted January 25, 2011 at 8:36 pm | Permalink

    “Tubing mascara also provides smudge-free results with the added bonus of simple removal, though it is difficult to achieve volume using tubing products.”

    TooFaced Lash Injection mascara is tubing and will give you fake-lash volume!

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